5 Easy Ways Earn From Google

5 Easy Ways Earn From Google

5 Easy Ways Earn From Google: We are living in the era of information and Technology. this new era has opened new doors of income. There are hundreds of ways to make money without having to step out of your room.
One of the most popular and widely used methods to make money, easily, is to use Google Adsense.

There are dozens of ways to make money through Google without any special skill, all you need to do is to work smartly and learn on the way.

If you don’t believe me read this, if you use social media, YouTube, and Google, you have definitely encountered content which are cringe, you must have watched people whom you believe are a lot less smarter than you, yet they make content and have millions of view.

And you know in today’s era views mean Money, either directly or through conversion.

Let’s dive into the main agenda:

5 Easy Ways to Earn From Google

1. YouTube Channel


The primary source of income on YouTube is YouTube ads. Hundreds and thousands of YouTubers are making millions from YouTube ads only.

How you can become eligible for YouTube ads:

  • Get a total of 4000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers in the last 12 months. or
  • Get 10 million views on YouTube shorts in the last 90 days

If you fulfill any of these two criteria of the YouTube Partner Program overview & eligibility. you can apply for YouTube ad approval and start making money through ads.

Sell your own merchandise or product

If you are an entrepreneur, running a store, or have any kind of business. you can leverage YouTube to get customers. and Make your business popular/known to your customers.

Either you can make a full video or shorts targeting your customer. And inform them how your service or product can be beneficial to them. Make a video around your best products and services.
You can learn the art of making videos to grow your business for free on YouTube. Just go on YouTube and do a search.

Affiliate Partner

Youtube audiences are loyal and if you give them advice they will definitely pay attention to the advice given by you.

Through YouTube videos, you can encourage your audience to visit sponsored websites, buy products and software, watch videos, or promote sponsored businesses.

If people make purchases or visti the sponsored business you will make affiliate commissions. Almost all software affiliate programs are recurring.

2. Blog and Website

You can start writing a blog on the topic, that either you are skilled in or interested in. If your blog is interesting and useful. you will start getting huge traffic.

Once you have a good amount of daily traffic you can get Google Ad approval and start running ads on your site. Also, you can do affiliate marketing. You can get affiliate links to products, services, and software.

when a user gets this product, service, or software from your link you can make a 30-50% commission on each link.

Setting up a website is very easy and affordable. all you need is a domain name and hosting and need to know how to use WordPress.
You can learn about all of this for free on YouTube or websites. you don’t have to buy paid courses, at least not in the beginning.

3. Google Webstory

One of the best things about Google Webstory is that it is a relatively new platform offered by Google.

Web stories are similar to ordinary websites in lots of ways. just like any website you can track the performance of your Webstories on Google Analytics. Another benefit of Webstories is, it is easy to rank and get on Google Discover. this way you can drive huge traffic to your website easily and faster, improving your site SEO too.

This is also a good source of revenue. On Google Web stories you can not only run Google ads but also do affiliate marketing.

you can add affiliate links in your Google web stories slides and if people use that link you get a commission

What Are Google Web Stories? A Comprehensive Guide To The New Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin

4. Mobile Application

If you are a programmer and Know mobile app development you can easily make money from Google.

All you need to do is make mobile apps, like a simple photo editor/converter or any other app that can be useful to people.

Publish your app on the Google Play Store.

once you have a good number of users you can join Google AdMob(An advertisement company by Google for mobile apps) and start making money.

5. Google Ads

The more traffic you have on your website or app, the more money you can make from Google Ads. That is the best website for making money from Google ads is a site with high traffic.

To get Traffic from the internet you can build

  • Blog-website.
  • Tools website: Calculator; photo editor, photo resizer, compressor, converter from one format to another; video downloader.
  • News websites.


Before you start investing your time and money in any of the five sources of income. I would suggest you do further research on Google and YouTube about the topic. Know your competitors and the time and money that you need to invest before making money.

In this article, I have shared 5 Easy Ways to Earn From Google. Now Based on your interest and circumstances, you can choose any of the five.

No matter which of the five you choose you can start making money. But remember it is not get-reach-quick-scheme. it is going to take time and effort. If you consider the learning period along with the setup of the business it can take 3-6 months to start generating money.

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