Ambani Death thereat: Goons demanded 20 crores to not to kill Mukesh Ambani. 

Ambani death threat

Mukesh Ambani is a very well-known person in India and Globally he is currently Asia’s richest with a net worth of 87.1 billion USD. person Ambani is chairman of Reliance Industries and owner of  JIO. On 27, October 2023 Mukesh Ambani received an Email about a death threat

Chairman of Reliance Industry Mukesh Ambani got a death threat via Email from an unknown source, and a complaint has been filed to capture the unknown Goon that has threatened Ambani. 

The group of unknown goons demanded a huge amount of 20 crores to not shoot Ambani, this is not the first time Ambani and his family have gotten a death threat by some unknown sources or goons. But this time goons demanded a huge amount of 20 crores and an email has been sent saying that we have the best shooters and we will kill you. 

Police are investigating and the complaint has been filed by the Ambani family under sections 387 and 506 and section 2 right now police are still investigating. 

Why it is impossible to assassinate Mukesh Ambani 

If we talk about Asia’s richest man Mukesh Ambani security, many bodyguards and bouncers are protecting Mukesh Ambani, The Government has also provided Z- plus security to Mukesh Ambani. This is the higher security that anyone can get after the politicians. In the Z-plus category, there are 22 well-trained security personnel including there state police in the protection of Ambani.  

There are NSG and SPG to protect Mukesh Ambani, in the first layer of Protection security there is NSG, and in the second layer, there is SPG, Both NSG and SPG are highly trended professional security personnel. This is why it is next to impossible to assassinate Mukesh Ambani and with the threats Mukesh Ambani is getting they must think that they are dealing with Mukesh Ambani Asia’s richest person. 

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