Animal movie Controversy: Why Netizens are trolling Animal movie in 2023.

Animal movie Controversy

Animal movie controversy: once again a Bollywood film is being trolled for a remake film. Netizens are saying the Animal movie’s most of scenes are copied from the South Korean film Old Boy. This is not a new thing for Bollywood to copy or makinng a remake of another film.

Netizens are trolling the Pre-equal trailer of the Animal film is copied from a South Korean film The Old Boy. On the other hand, many of Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s fans are claiming it will not be a copied or remade film it’s completely new and original. Fans are also claiming the haters are spreading the negative word of mouth so that the movie may flop at the Box office.

Animal movie controversy scene

People are comparing the scene from the trailer where Ranbir Kapoor kills the goons with an axe. Netizens are trolling that scene by saying that scene is copied from Old Boy film.

Animal movie Controversy

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Animal film Advance booking. (Animal movie Controversy)

So far from the Hindi belt, the Animal movie has made a booking of almost 6 crore, and from Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu it made advance bookings of nearly 7 crore and 50 lakhs. The overseas movie is doing exceptionally well and so far it made a booking of 3 crores.

The trailer has already been released on YouTube and it also crossed more than 50 million views. Fans liked the new avatar of Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol, Rashmika Mnadanna is playing the role of lead actress in the film. Fans are eagerly waiting for the 1st of December to get the movie release.

According to some experts, it will break all the records of ‘A’ rated films. This film is made for 18 or 18 plus only. It could also be the highest-grossing film of Ranbir and Bobby Deol.

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