Anupamaa Rupali Ganguly may replaced in 2024

Anupamaa Rupali Ganguly may replaced

Anupamaa Rupali Ganguly may replaced

Anupamaa Rupali Ganguly may replaced: For a very long time, the Anupamaa serial has been doing quite well in terms of TRP. It has been on top among the serials. The news is also coming out that the main lead actress and heart and soul of the show Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) might get replaced by another actor.

We have seen many actors and actresses getting replaced by another actor in the show or the actors performing get less screen time. Which is not good for the show and also for the fans. The last time one of the loveable characters of the show Samar (Paras Kanav) was replaced by a Sagar actor. Later, the screen time for Sagar’s character was reduced.

Now the news is coming out that the makers of the Anupamaa show are planning to replace Rupali Ganguly from the show. Let us tell you, Rupali Ganguly has been the lead actress of the Anupamaa show since it was on-aired. Now, makers are planning to remove or replace her from the. However, the news about replacing Rupali Ganguly from the show is not considered yet but rumors around suggest Rupali may get replaced.

Anupamaa may replaced because, for the past few months, she has been getting trolled by the viewers for her performance in the show and the acting of her Anupamaa character.

Recently, On her Instagram, she posted a story, “Humble enough to know I can be replaced, Wise enough to know that there is nobody else like me”. The reason behind this story has not been yet clear if she was talking about her character Anupamaa or something else.

Till now many characters have been removed from the Anupamaa show let us tell you the names, Anu, Kanta Behen, and Toshu and Kinjal’s screen time has been decreased. They get very little time on the screens.

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