Anurag and Arun Fight: Bigg Boss punished whole contestant for Anurag and Arun behaviour

Anurag and Arun fight

Anurag and Arun Fight

A lot of memes are being made in Bigg Boss 17, especially on Anurag Dobhal aka UK07 rider. Recently in Bigg Boss 17, Anurag broke the rule of Bigg Boss and got into a fight with Bigg Boss contestant Arun Mashetty.

Today in this news article of Bhartiye Times, we will tell you why Anurag and Arun fought with each other

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Bigg Boss 17 brings drama every single day. Viewers enjoy watching it. In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 17, we saw that Bigg Boss nominated Anurag Dobhal for the whole season for breaking the rules of the Bigg Boss house.

A fight started between the two because Arun said that you went in with someone at night and there was someone else with you while coming out of that place After hearing this, Anurag reacted and said that you can’t go personally.

Actually, in this whole scenario, Arun was talking about something that happened outside of Bigg Boss’s house.

Further, Anurag says that she was my sister, you are getting personal, you are speaking about my sister on national television. Anurag got angry about this and pushed Arun.

When Anurag and Arun were fighting other contestants were trying to stop their fight. Anurag later in the kitchen lost his temper and broke the plate.

Seeing this, Bigg Boss closed the kitchen and told the contestants to manage their lunch and dinner themselves.

Will Bigg Boss eliminate Anurag on this issue, we will know only in the coming episodes.

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