Assam Accident Dergaon News: Terrible accident occurred in Assam

Assam Accident Dergaon

Assam Accident Dergaon

Assam Accident Dergaon news: At around 5 am the bus and the truck collided in the Balijan area near Dergaon in Assam. Reports suggest, around 12 people died and around 30 people were injured in the accident. According to reports, the bus was heading toward the upper Assam.

According to the reports, The bus was heading towards Tilinga Mandir from Golaghag District. After the collision around 12 people died on the spot and 30 people are still injured. The injured people were sent to Jorhat Medical College and Hospital.

The accident took place on Wednesday around 5 am in Assam, Balijan area. As per PTI, a Doctor at Jorhat Medical College and Hospital informed that 30 injured people still undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Assam Accident Dergaon

The police Officer, Superintendent Rajen Singh said, the accident took place at 5 am The bus with 45 people collided with the truck carrying the goods.

“As of now, 12 people have already died in an accident and the injured have been sent to the nearest hospital.

The accident timing is not yet confirmed few people said it took place at 5 am and some are saying it took place at 4:30.

The families of those who met with the accident are going through a lot of grief. We hope that the souls of those who died in the accident rest in peace and those who are still injured get well as soon as possible.

In 2019, Assam recorded the highest number of road accident cases among Northeast states 2019, with a total of 3,843 accidents followed by Tripura. The start of the year for Assam is not good we hope shortly this kind of phenomenon doesn’t happen.

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