Best Smartwatch under 2000: see the best affordable watches here.

Best smartwatch under 2000

Best smartwatch under 2000

Everyone wants to wear a watch that suits on their wrist. In today’s time, everyone wants to wear a smartwatch where they can do the things that they can do on their smartphones.

So in Today’s news article of Bhartiye Times, we will tell you the best smartwatches under 2000.

Before moving further let’s clear one doubt, All the watches that are mentioned below purely justify their price, the higher the price higher the features, and vice versa.

Best smartwatches under 2000

TAGG Kronos Lite

Its display size is 1.3 inches. you can get a flashlight option too in this smartwatch. You will get up to 7 days of Battery backup and to charge the watch it will take almost 1 to 1.5 hours.

Calculator and hamster game are also available.

It’s Price is 2000

Boat Wave Sigma

You will get a 2.01-inch HD display in Boat Wave Sigma even though the sensor of this watch is smoother than other watches.

You will also get the option of smart notifications on this watch.

7 days of battery backup and to get fully charged it will take almost 1 hour.

The sensor is not very reliable in this watch.

Clear visibility during sunlight.

The torch option is also available

Its price is 1200

Hammer classic ultra

The display size is 2.01 inches with a resolution of 240*296.

4.5 days of battery backup and to get fully charged it will take almost 1.15 hr.

Bluetooth calling feature is also available.

SOS Calling is available

DND, password security operations are available.

Games are also available

Its price is 1500

Boult Sterling

Boult Sterling Built by steady material, It will feel very comfortable when you wear this watch. Boult Sterling looks like a iron man suit.

If we talk about it’s display we gets 1.52-inches HD Display with a high resolution of 360*360.

Boult Sterling watch comes with the rating of IP67 water resistance. It means you can take bath while wearing this watch.

This watch is good for the athletes.

Sleep trekking, and heart rate monitoring features is also available

Games is also available.

It’s Price is 1600

Fire-bollt Expendition

The display size is 1.3 inches. In the sunlight it’s visibility is not much better.

We also get a GPS trackng system in this smartwatch. We also feel that the touch responsivness is also better according to it’s price .

Bluetooth calling is also available in this watch with this games are also available.

It’s price is 2000

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