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In this news article of Bhartiyetimes we will tell you what happened to dailynews24, its income, social group, views, etc.

Dailynews24.in is a Hindi news website. Dailynews24 Covers various topics such as trending web series, movies, Daily petrol prices, Technology, and many more.

we at Bhartiyetimes cover news in simple English while Dailynews24 covers in Hindi

this website is not run by a big Organisation but group of a few individuals.

What happened to dailynews24: 3 November 2023

Dailynews24 is currently down and can not be accessed.

when you try to visit dailynews24.in from your browser the following error occurs: ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH

this problem is caused by the website’s SSL Certificate error.

SSL Certificate is required to secure online Payments and keep customer information private and secure.

Every website need to maintain safety regulation and if those safety regulations are not fulfilled. your site goes down unless you fix it.

dailynews24 ssl error

When will dailynews24.in will come back?

According to Hostinger’s Article, SSL error is not that dangerous.

SSL errors can easily be fixed.

So it’s very likely that the dailynews24 will come back very soon.

So As far as I know Dailynews24.in Team can easily fix this error within a few days.

You can again enjoy the news and articles written by dailynews24’s authors such as Taiba Rahi.

Where is the office of Dailynews24.in

According to Dailynews24 Google Information.

Dailynews24.in is Located in Bhatni, Bhatni Bazar, Uttar Pradesh India

About DailyNews24

How much does Dailynews24.in earn

if you ask how much dailynews24 earn,

According to our reports, Dailynews24 earns 200$ which is 16000 Indian Rupees per day.

In one month Dailynews24.in earns about 4 lakh to 5lakh rupee.

we verified the income of Dailynew24 from a reliable source.

How many Views Dailynews24 gets

According to Our Reliable sources, Daily News 24 Gets 100,000 page views per day.

This news website gets millions of views per month about 3 to 6 million page views per month

Telegram of Dialynews24.in

yes, this news website has its own Telegram group. I would not suggest you to join this. As they share what one would consider vulgar content.

Dialynews24.in Telegram group have 1.9 k subscribers by the date of 3 November 2023

Dailynews24.in Telegram

Taiba Rahi is the very popular author of Dailynews24.in. She writes about Tech and related news and articles.

she has written thousands of article so far.

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