Dawood Ibrahim news: The most wanted criminal is hospitalized his net worth will surprise you

Dawood Ibrahim news

Dawood Ibrahim news

Dawood Ibrahim News: Underworld figure Dawood Ibrahim has reportedly been admitted to the Karachi Pakistan, hospital due to a serious issue. The report suggests that he has been poisoned and currently he is in serious condition. According to the reports he has been admitted to the hospital due to a serious health condition and has been under medical care for the past 2 or 3 days. The cause of the hospitalization is not clear yet but sources say that he has been poisoned.

Currently, he is admitted to the hospital with top security personnel with access limited to only top authorities of the hospital. According to the reports, he is sole admitted to the full floor of the hospital due to security reasons.

The Mumbai police are gathering information about Dawood Ibrahim so, the police can catch him. The police are gathering information from Dawood’s relatives. The Mumbai police also had a conversation with Pakistan, but the Pakistan authorities have not confirmed the allegations about Dawood being present in the Karachi hospital.

Dawood Ibrahim news: Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim is known for his illegal activities and criminal records that he did in India and worldwide. He is also accused of the bomb blast of 1993 in Mumbai. Dawood Ibrahim has been India’s most wanted for many years. He has been living out of India for many years. he has been living in Dubai and Pakistan for many years so it’s the reason the Indian cops won’t arrest him.

Dawood Ibrahim runs a company named The D-company, under this company he runs many illegal business activities worldwide. Under the name of D-Comapny, he runs various illegal activities like Drug Trafficking, Arms Trade, and Counterfeiting.

There are many allegations against D-company like terror Attacks, Murder, Drugs Trafficking, Kidnapping, and extorting money by threatening big businessmen and politicians. Some reports also suggest that Dawood Ibrahim and his company have strong connections with some of the world’s largest terror organizations.

About Dawood Ibrahim (Dawood Ibrahim news)

Dawood Ibrahim was born on 26 December 1955 in India, Mumbai, Dongri. He is a drug dealer, Murderer, mob Boss, and most wanted criminal in India. He is the founder of D-Company, and he founded this company in the 1970s. Under the name of his D-Comapny, he does many illegal activities. Dawood Ibrahim is wanted on charges of, Murder, Extortion, and Drug Trafficking.

What is the net worth of Dawood Ibrahim?

Dawood Ibrahim news: Dawood Ibrahim is one of the richest gangster or criminal person in the world. He made all of his wealth by doing illegal activities like Drug Trafficking, Murder, Targeted Murder, Extortion, and many more illegal activities. By doing all these things he has an estimated net worth of 6.5 billion dollars.

Dawood Ibrahim Criminal Career (Dawood Ibrahim news)

Dawood Ibrahim was involved in criminal activities at an early age. He joined the local gang in Mumbai, where he learned many illegal things like robbery and murder. Later, he separated himself from the Baashu Dada in the 1970s and created his own gang with his elder brother Shabir Ibrahim Kaskar. After establishing his own gang, he started his company named D-Company. Where he started doing illegal activities under his company name. He did all the illegal activities that could be done by him like Murder, Gold Smuggling, Extortion, etc.
Later, his elder brother Shabir Ibrahim Kaskar was killed by the Pathaan gang. After the death of his elder brother, Dawood became the sole Boss of his gang and D-Company.

When his criminal activities increased in the late 1980s the Mumbai police ordered to arrest of the whole gang of Dawood Ibrahim. In 1986 Ibrahim and his gang fled Dubai after being wanted by the Mumbai Police.

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