Delhi Metro News: Metro Station or Intimate Station on Vira Video

Delhi Metro News

Delhi Metro News: Delhi Metro is always in the news not because of its facilities or fast speed but due to the Instagram reels and the other activities performed in the Delhi Metro. This time once again Delhi Metro’s video has gone viral on social media. Two girls performed an intimate Holi dance to the song ‘Ang Laga De’ in Delhi Metro.

The video of two girls was captured by one of their friends or passengers. Both girls were seen applying Colors on each other in an intimate way to the Bollywood song ‘Ang Laga De’. Passengers were uncomfortable seeing their dance in the metro.

Delhi Metro News

Delhi Metro News

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Holi is just not a festival it is a day of spreading happiness, it also signifies the commencement of spring and embodies, good luck, and positivity. People apply gulal, and Colors on each other to celebrate Holi. But nowadays people made the holy festival Holi into an intimate festival, it’s just the beginning there are still 2 days to Holi and many videos will go viral by Monday. People don’t follow their line and do whatever they want in the name of Holi. It must be stopped, there should be a boundary to celebrate the festival, and people should not discomfort other people while enjoying.

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