Did South Korea ban India in 2024

Did South Korea ban India

Did South Korea Ban India: The answer is clearly, “NO”, South Korea did not ban any Indians. The news which has been floating all over the internet is just the opposite side of a coin. Some of the YouTubers or websites take out some videos where people talk about being harassed by a Korean citizen and upload them on YouTube to get the views. Yes, South Koreans indeed discriminate against Indians based on color and looks.

South Koreans think if you are not handsome or beautiful then they shouldn’t talk to you or be friends with you. But not all the Koreans are like that. Just because of a few people we just cannot blame the whole country.

Even in India, Tourists face discrimination. Indians tease them based on or facial structure. For instance, If a Nigerian comes to India, some people start teasing them based on their dark color, If any Chinese person comes to India to visit Indians start teasing them based on their facial structure.

It doesn’t mean all Indians do the same thing. The majority of people respect tourists, they don’t care about where they come from, or how they look, If they are black or white people don’t care. But few people discriminate against them.

You should remember that there are both good and bad people in every country. It’s unfair to label an entire country as bad just because of the actions of a few individuals. Just like any other country, you will find both good and bad people in India, as well as in South Korea.

South Korea did not ban any Indians but a restaurant located in India, Andhra Pradesh in the Anantapur district banned Indians from entering the restaurant.

Why did South Korea ban India:

Did South Korea ban India

It is not about a country South Korea which banned Indians. But a restaurant located in the district of Andhra Pradesh, Anantapur banned Indians from entering the restaurant. At that place, Kia Motors Motors has installed a huge plant. The video was uploaded on The Wire YouTube channel 4 years ago.

Did South Korea ban India:

Yes, It is true that in some of the places Indians and Pakistanis are not allowed to enter. Which is extremely wrong the South Korean government should take steps to rectify these mistakes. We Indians have never prohibited anyone from entering any place. We even respect tourists you will see a board where it is written “Koreans are not allowed”, but in Korea, you will these kinds of boards in many places. We hope in future we won’t see any discrimination in any country.

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