Dunki Movie Review: Is it the best Movie of 2023

Dunki Movie Review

Dunki movie review

Dunki Movie Review: One. of the most anticipated films of the year has been released in the cinema halls. Dunki film is the third film of Shahrukh Khan in 2023 Let’s know the positive and negative things about the film and in the end the audience is everything you guys have the right to decide whether it is a good movie or not.

Dunki movie review: The very first thing that while watching the movie you will need some time to adjust since the film is different from the other movies. The movie will take you to another world. Where you will see planes on people’s houses. These all things are real. Rajkumar Hirani had paid attention to every element. He kept the movie closer to real life this is the reason why you will feel connected to the film.

As the film progresses you will realize that it is not the same typical Rajkumar Hirani film as there is a fight scene in the film which is okay and will connect you to the film. You will feel the emotions of Hardy and other actors too.

So, let’s get started with the heart of the film Shahrukh Khan, Shahrukh Khan’s Karizma remains the same as he was shown in his previous movies. You will get to see him in every frame and of course, you will love him on the screen.

The movie makes you cry sometimes it will make you laugh sometimes and sometimes it will make you intense. The movie has every element to be successful but there are negative points too. The movie doesn’t look like a Raju Hirani film it seems like Red Chillies Entertainment has put its fingers while making the film. The emotions will connect you sometimes but at some point, the emotional magic of Rani Hirani doesn’t work. The comedy scenes are not up to the mark something is lacking. The screenplay could be faster.

If we talk about the acting, Vicky Kaushal has outperformed Shahrukh Khan. The acting level of Vicky Kaushal is much better than Shahrukh Khan in Dunki it doesn’t mean Shahrukh Khan didn’t perform well he did his job brilliantly. Hardy’s chemistry also matches with Taapsee Pannu. The other actors also did their jobs fantastically, especially Boman Irani stole the show. Every time he brings a smile to your face.

The movie is all about friendship and it also shows you your own country is much better than other countries. You can make lots of money in foreign but you cannot get the respect that you get in your own country. The movie will grow the nationalist feelings in your heart.

This is all about the Dunki movie review.

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