Hero Splendor Plus Price 2023: Most cheapest and comfortable bike in Indian Market

Hero Splendor Plus Price

Hero Splendor is one of the most popular bikes in India it is also considered one of the best comfortable bikes in Indian conditions. Splendor has a different look than the other high-priced bikes. The splendor has the most comfortable shape, where three people can easily and comfortably sit on the bike.

Today in this news Article of Bhartiye Times, we will discuss the most comfortable and budget-friendly bike Hero Splendor Plus. Please continue reading below.

Hero Splendor Plus Price

If we talk about it’s price it ranges from Rs 74,491 – 75,811 (Ex-showroom)

It can also be available in Rs 60000 – 70000

Hero Splendor Plus Engine and Transmission

If we talk about the Hero Splendor Plus engine, has a 92.2cc single-cylinder engine, It delivers a maximum horsepower of 8.02 and 8000 RPM and it has the highest torque of 8.05Nm and 6000 RPM.

If we talk about its mileage, it offers satisfactory mileage which is 70 km, with this kind of mileage people get happy and also save money and fuel.

Hero Splendor Plus Transmission

Splendor provides a manual transmission so riders can change it according to their requirements and can ride comfortably.

Hero Splendor Plus Features

It has different kinds of features like, It has combined braking system. It also ensures effective breaking features.
It has both a self-start and a Kick start facility, if the self-start doesn’t work you can go for a kickstart. It also provides convenience and flexibility in starting the engine.

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Hero Splendor Plus has a maximum speed of 87kmph which is very good for the family user and the household works.

Some other spec of Hero Splendor Plus

Price74,491 – 75,811
Max Speed 87 kmph
fuel Type Petrol
fuel capacity 10.5 liter
Battery Capacity 3Ah

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