The Rise of Pidilite: How a Former Peon Built a 1,28,000 Crore Fevicol Empire

Balvant Parekh

A peon made a 1,28,000 crore company named “Pidilite” (Fevicol). His company’s per-year sales is 10000 crores.  

In today’s news article of Bhartiye Times.  we will talk about a “Pidilite” a Fevicol-making company and about Balvant Parekh’s net worth. 

Blavant Parekh is a founder of “Pidilite”. This company makes a Fevicol and its work is to stick. 25 years ago if you had invested 1 lakh rupees in Pidilite, In today’s time it would be 4 crores. 

Let’s know how a peon has created such a big industry of 1,28,000 crore. Fevicol or Pidilite has created a monopoly in the Indian market, Fevicol (Pidilite) almost owns 70 percent of the market share in the sticking industry. 

Fevicol Champions Club (FCC) 

FCC is a club of all the carpenters. They used to invite all the carpenters. They used to invite the carpenters to provide training, and tools, to teach how to make designs, and to develop many more skills 

The main aim of forming FCC was to take new market insights from   

FCC members, So they can improve the product according to the market demand. There are altogether 40,000 carpenters are directly associated with Fevicol and there are 380 FCC clubs. 

Pidilite Products 

Pidilite is the maker of the Fevicol brand, it manufactures other products such as Fevikwik, Dr. Fixit, Roff, Cyclo, Ranipal, Hobby Ideas, M-seal, and Acorn. 

Balvant Parekh net worth 

Balvantray Parekh is the founder of “Pidilite” he founded a Fevicol-making company “Pidilite” in 1959. According to the reports his net worth is estimated at around 88000 crores. 

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