Is the Animal Film Good or Bad for Society: The movie broke every record is worth it to watch in 2023.

Is the animal film good or bad for Society

Is the Animal Film Good or Bad for Society

Is the Animal Film Good or Bad for Society: A Sandeep Reddy Vanga a famous Indian Director who directed Kabir Singh and Animal film. Both films give us the feeling of an Alpha Man who is strong, superior to the Females, Strong enough to suppress the Females, and self-independent to do everything on their own. All these qualities are shown in Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s new film ‘Animal’

The Animal film is all about a gangster who kills everyone to protect his father’s life. The hero who is shown by Sandeep Reddy is a father’s lover and ready to die for his father’s love and also ready to kill anyone for his father. Till here the movie is okay, It’s normal to show some violence in movies overall the movie is made for business purposes, the movie must have some ingredients so people can watch it in the theatre so the money invested in the movie can give lots of return.

The problem starts when the director starts glamorizing violence and shows that killing one’s enemies is absolutely cool, It’s totally cool to be rude to your female partner. In the movie, Ranvijay makes fun of menstruation, He tells his wife it is man’s world, and He tells his lover to lick his shoes to prove her love. You tell us what a person will learn by seeing all these things, he will only learn that male is always superior to female. It is a good thing to kill others to save someone special, think for yourself.

The movie shows us that the main character of the film Ranvijay has daddy issues problem, He doesn’t get much love from his father, and to prove his love for his father he does all the bloodshed, On the other hand, we have also shown that he doesn’t love his own child as much as he wants to get love from his father.

Now many people will question that Bollywood has already made films like Animal for instance, Gangs Of Wasepur, Mirzapur, Sacred Games, and many more. But these movies, web series, and Animal film has a wide difference in movie presentation and visual presentation let’s take the example of Gangs Of Wasepur, this movie is also all about avenge and bloodshed but the director of the movie Anurag Kashyap presents a gangster movie exactly like a gangster movie Anurag kept the movie very close to the reality.

In contrast, the director of the Animal film Sandeep Reddy Vanga has shown violence in such a way that the viewers feel how cool it is. We can also call a specialty of the director, as he presented action on the screen. But what is the use of such a specialty from which people learn wrong things.

At the end of the movie, Sandeep Reddy should have shown that whatever criminal activity we do, we definitely get punished. In the movie, Ranvijay does wrong with his wife and raises his hand to his wife. Despite being married, Ranvijay has an affair with another woman. It should have been shown as wrong but nothing like this is shown in the film, you decide for yourself whether these activities which shown in the film are good or bad for society.

Why does the so-called Alpha Man type movie work on Box Office?

If we look at the Animal Box office it has collected more than 800 crores at the box office and broke every record. Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s previous film Kabir Singh was the highest-grossing film of Sandeep’s and Shahid’s career. Now it is Animal the highest-grossing film of Sandeep’s and Ranbir’s career.

The reason why this kind of movie works at the office is people connect themselves as a hero, they feel like they are on the big screen. When a man or male is presented as superior some people feel proud and watch the movie again and again. The people who can’t do anything in real life enjoy imagining getting the tag of a strong man. These are a few reasons why movies like Animal and Kabir Singh works at the Boxoffice.

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