Jio Cinema Free Web Series: Watch an Awesomely engaging web series for free on Jio Cinema

Jio Cinema Free Web Series

Jio Cinema free web series: Everyone loves to watch web series as it contains a lot of episodes. People who are movie lovers or web series lovers those people want to watch Web series that contain maximum and longer episodes. Most people are movieholic but don’t want to spend money to buy subscriptions to OTT Platforms like JioCinema, Netflix Amazon Prime Video, and many more. People watch web series through piracy so they don’t have to take an OTT subscription.

In today’s news article of Bhartiye Times, we will share the names and web series details of Jio Cinema Free Web Series. To watch these web series you do not have to buy any kind of subscription pack you just need to go through a small process If you don’t have JioCinema on mobile then you will have to download it and sign up and now you are eligible to watch Jio Cinema Free Web Series.

Jio Cinema provides free movies and web series for people who like to watch movies or web series but don’t have money to buy a subscription for this Jio Cinema available content to watch without any costs. So, after watching their free content people will buy subscriptions to watch paid content after they will get well financial condition.

Jio Cinema Free Web Series


Apharan series follows the steps of a cop ‘Rudra’ who falsely accused and ended up behind bars for 3 years. The plot of the series is all about a girl who gets kidnapped to know more about what happens to the girl who kidnapped her is it Rudra or someone else? To know more watch it on JioCinema.

Apharan is one of the best web series that keeps you engaged until the last episode of the series. The acting of all actress actors is fabulous. Especially, Arunoday Singh and Nidhi Singh’s acting and screen presence will bring a smile to your face. We strongly recommend you watch it.


Kaalkoot starrer Vijay Verma The name Vijay Verma is enough to excite you to Kaalkoot. The performance and acting of Vijay Verma in Kaalkoot in extremely fabulous. He has set the bar very high for the other actors. Vijay Verma has shown what pure acting looks like.

The whole web series revolves around a policeman who takes care of his family and works simultaneously While trying to solve an acid attack case. While solving the case learns many new and bitter things about a crime against women. It is the second series which is part of the Jio Cinema Free Web Series.

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Candy is a mystery Thriller web series starring Richa Chadha and Ronit Roy. It is a mystery Thriller web series. Where someone murders innocent people. But people think a ghost called Massan kills everyone. Is it really a ghost that kills people or there is someone else behind the mask of a ghost to know more about the Candy web series please go and watch it.

It is available at JIO Cinema. In this web series, we will see the pure acting skills of Richa Chadha and Ronit Roy. The acting performances of both the actresses are excellent you never get bored while watching them on screen. You can watch Candy for free on the Jio Cinema Free Web Series platform. It is the third series which is part of the Jio Cinema Free Web Series.


We will Manish Paul in Rafuchakkar. If you are a fan of Manish Paul’s comedy then you should watch Rafuchakkar or if you are a fan of Crime thriller then you should watch it. It is an average web series with good acting of Manish Paul. You can watch this web series for time pass on Jio Cinema for free.


Asur is the best series that India has ever produced. Its screenplay, Acting, storyline, background music, everything is just amazing. It will give the vibes of watching something unbelievable things. The performance of Arshad Warsi, and Varun Sobti is just amazing. The whole series is about an Asur who tries to bring Kalki by doing evil things. The main villain of this series will steal your heart and will make your mind unthinkable.

The storyline for Asur’s main villain is amazing. How the main villain keeps everyone on his toes, and How amazingly he kills or kidnaps everyone without giving any clue. Everything in this series is mind-blowing. Highly recommended series to watch on Jio Cinema. It is the fifth series which is part of the Jio Cinema Free Web Series. For a list of Jiocinema movies,, you can read this article Jio Cinema upcoming movies.

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