JIO Financial to raise 10000 crore: Ambani is once again ready to dominate the Indian market.

JIO Financial to raise 10000 crore

JIO Financial to raise 10000 crore

JIO Financial to raise 10000 crore and when can JIO Financial raise this huge amount? It wants to raise 10000 crores let’s clear all things in today’s news article of Bhartiye Times.

JIO Financial is in talks with Merchant Banks to issue the company’s bonds and JIO Financial to raise 10000 crore. Four bankers have given this information to Reuters on Monday. JIO Financial will try to get the credit ratings and other important approvals. However, the four banks refused to reveal their names because they didn’t want to face media interaction.

Why bonds are issued?

Bonds are issued by the company for a certain period so the company can get the required funds from the investors. In this period company will pay the required interest to the liable person during bond tenure. Often the company adopts such methods to raise the funds from the investors for the company’s growth.

JIO Financial wants to issue its bonds because the company is new and requires sufficient capital to compete with established players in the market.

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Since Reliance Industries and JIO Financial are owned by the same family Ambani Family. JIO Financial is separated from Reliance Industries. This is the reason why JIO Financial is required to issue its bonds.

JIO Finance aims to be India’s top Finance provider company. To be in top JIO Finance will have to compete with Bajaj Finserv. Bajaj Finserv is currently India’s most diversified non-banking finance company and currently Bajaj Finserv is a well-established player in the market. Will JIO Financial be able to compete with Bajaj Finserv? We will know only in the future

According to the founder and managing partner of Rockfort Fincap, Srinivasan Venkta krishnan, JIO Financial will get a credit rating of triple-A because its name is linked with the Reliance Industry.

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