Khichdi Express story: Girl sacrificed modeling career to start her business.

Khichdi Express story

Khichdi Express Story: A Girl that made a company worth over 50 crores by Just selling Khichdi, yes you won’t believe it. Abha Singhal from Mumbai quit her Modeling career and chose to be an entrepreneur. Now, Abha Singh’s company Khichdi Express generates valued at Rs 50 crore.

Abha Singhal started Khichdi Express with her savings in 2019. She began her entrepreneurship journey with a small cloud Kitchen in 2019 now it has grown into more than 8 branches in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Let’s look at her entrepreneurial journey

Early Life and Challenges

Abha Singhal spent her life with many difficulties at the age of 12, she saw a divorce between her parents. After that, she started living with her friends. After completing her bachelor’s degree she flew to London to complete her MBA. After completing her Master’s degree she came back to India and tried to build her career in Modelling. She did a few big projects like Cadbury, Kalyan Jewellers, Samsung, and many more. For all the Modelling and Ads she used to pay around 40000 per day which was double of her monthly income.

Discovery of Entrepreneurial Passion

After doing many good projects she realized that she was born to do something greater things. After sometimes she met Mahendra Kumar Co-founder of her venture. When Abha Singhal made a Khichdi for Mahendra he was so surprised and released that a Khichdi could also taste so good. Later, Mahendra suggested Abha start a Khichdi business but no one believed that a Khichdi business could grow much. Because Khichdi is a food that people normally prefer to eat when they get sick. It is not a regular food item that people can eat every day.

Starting Khichdi Express

Khichdi Express

After thinking a lot Abha and Mahendra started a business with their life savings of 3 Rs lakh. They started Khichdi Express in 2019 in Hyderabad as a cloud Kitchen.

Diversification and Growth

When Abha saw growth in her business she started designing menus and opened their first-ever branch in Hyderabad. They started their first branch in a rented space which was not very costly. They could afford rented space easily.

After seeing success in their business they started selling different variations of Khichdi. Started with the most popular and favorite Dal palak, mixed vegetables, Cheese Chilly Palak Paneer, and many more. Discover the diverse range of Khichdis offered by Khichdi Express on their official website: Khichdi Express Menu.

Their business grew so much that they started paying their staff and could hire more staff. In an interview, Abha Singhal stated that she used to pay her staff as much as she used to get paid for her first Job.

How did the Khichdi Express become so Popular?

Lockdown Success Story

Abha Singhal started her Entrepreneurial journey in 2019. Her business was doing good then suddenly the world faced a lockdown, here is the main success journey of Khichdi Express started during the lockdown period every business was shut down except the hospitals and Khichdi Express. People usually eat Khichdi when they get sick and during the lockdown period when people were sick, they used to prefer Khichdi over other food items.

Here, Khichdi Express used to get a lot of orders from Hospitals and NGOs during lockdown. The lockdown and their taste of Khichdi played the main role in the popularity of their business.

The company aims to expand more

In an interview, Abha Singhal expressed her feelings and talked about her plans. She wants to expand her business and wants to open more than 300 hundred stores all over India for this she wants an investor who can invest in her business.

Today her company ‘Khichdi Express’ is valued at more than 50 crores. To learn about another intriguing story, check out the article on the Net Worth of Puneet Superstar.

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