Kia EV 6 Price: Get one of the best Kia EV car and all Specs in 2023!

Kia EV 6 Price

Kia EV 6 Price: Kia EV has been the ruling car manufacturer in the Indian market. People love to drive Kia cars, especially the Kia EV cars. In the past few years, Kia has released several EV cars in the Indian market. And they all got good responses from customers.

Today in the news article of Bhartiye Times we will discuss the Kia EV 6 car, its features, Kia EV 6 Price. And Kia EV 6 other specifications.

Kia EV 6 Price

If we talk about Kia EV 6 price, it is between Rs 60.95 lakh to 65.95 (Ex-showroom)

Kia EV 6 Variants

It comes in two variants one which are base model GT Line RWD and the top model Kia EV GT line AWD.

Kia EV 6 features

If we talk about its Features, the Kia EV 6 is laise with a lot of features Kia EV 6 includes dual 12.3-inch displays for instrument clusters and it also has a touchscreen infotainment.

14-speaker sound system, It also has the feature of climate control, a wireless phone charging facility, ventilated seats, and one-pane sunroof.

Kia EV 6 Safety features

The safety features we get, are 8 airbags including electronic stability control and ADAS, Advanced Driver Assistant System. It also has safety features of an automatic emergency braking system, adaptive cruise control, and lane keep assist

Kia EV 6 Seating Capacity

Passenger gets a 5 people seating capacity

Kia EV 6 Battery and Range

If we talk about its battery in India Kia EV 6 comes with a 77.4 kWh battery power pack. It also comes with a single-motor rear-wheel drive and also dual motor all-wheel drive.

Kia EV 6 range is 708 km.

Kia EV 6 Charging Time

If we talk about its charging time it can get charged 80 percent in just 18 minutes using a 350 kW DC charger. And the home charger can charge it in 36 hours.

key Specifications of Kia EV 6

Price60.95 – 65.95 lakh
Range708 km
Batter Capacity 77.4 KWh
Charging Time (fast charger DC)18 min (0 to 80%)
Power (bhp)225.86 – 320.55
Seating Capacity upto 5 people
Max torque605 Nm
passenger airbagsbAvailable
Body Type SUV
Kia EV 6 Price

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