Kia EV5: Battery Power, Features, Safety, and Price Update

Kia EV5

Today in this article we will tell you about the product of a Korean company, Kia EV5 car launch Update, Kia EV5 Price, Kia EV5 Design, the Kia EV5 Battery Power, Kia EV5 Car Specification, the Kia EV5 Release Date, and more. 

Kia is very popular in the Indian market. Everyone likes Kia car and for a very long time Kia has been doing good business in the Indian Market. Kia has recently unveiled its new upcoming cars in a car event in Korea, According to some reports Kia EV5 will first be released in China and then in India. 

Besides these two, two more electric cars were introduced at a car event in Korea: the EV3 Compact SUV and the EV4 Sedan. 

Kia EV5 is expected to release in India by year 2025. 

About Kia EV5

Aspect Details 
Safety   features7 airbags; advances ADAS; climate control panel etc 
Features5 inch climate control panel,  12.3 display setup ETC 
Batteryfull charge 27 mins,  2 battery pack,  3 multiple powertrain option 
Charging Time  100 percent, 27 mins 
CabinMinimalistic interior with premium leather upholstery and futurestic dashboard. 
Price.   55 lakhs ex-showroom price 
Details About Kia EV5

Kia EV5 Battery  

If we talk about the Kia EV5 Battery, Kia offers the new EV5 Kia car with two Battery Packs and three Multiple Powertrain Options. The options are Standard, Long Range, and Long Range AWD. 

The standard version gets a 64kwh battery pack with a 217PS electric Motor and its expected range is 530 km. 

Kia EV5 long-range version gets 88kwh battery Power with a 217 PS electric motor and its range goes up to 720 km 

Long Range AWD version gets 88kwh battery Power with 217 PS from the front and 95 PS from the rear and its range goes up to 650 km.EV5 Charging Time 

kia EV5 Charger 

Kia EV5 can charge with Super fast DC charger 100 percent in just around 27 to 30 minutes. This is actually  a very good feature of this car, now days people wants to save their time and charging the car in 30 minutes it’s actually outstanding move by Kia company.  

Kia EV5 Features 

Kia EV5 Features 

This time Kia has improved it’s Features,  in new Kia EV5, In this car we will get a 5-inch climate control panel, Heated and Ventilated Front Seats. V2L and V2G and also a dual integrated 12.3 inch display setup, touchscreen information and digital driver’s display  

Kia EV5 Safety 

If we talk about its safety Features in Kia EV5. It has given us Seven Airbags and the facility of ADAS. There are many more Safety features like Parking Assist, Lane keep assist and lane departure warning, cruise control, and Auto Emergency braking.

Kia EV5 Cabin  

Kia EV5 Cabin  

Kia EV5 cabin design is very sophisticated and futuristic, here in this car we get a minimalistic interior with premium leather upholstery and d futuristic dashboard with a 12.5-inch display. Kia has provided Heated and Ventilated Front seats. 

Kia EV5 Price 

Kia EV5 can launch in India by 2025 with the ex showroom price of 55 lakh rupees.  



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