KRK Arrest news 24 December: Once again KRK will be imprisoned, Accused Salman Khan of his condition.

KRK arrest news

KRK Arrest news: Kamal R Khan an actor, Producer, and songwriter was arrested at the Mumbai airport while he was going to Dubai for a Christmas celebration. The Mumbai police arrested him since he was wanted for a crime he committed in 2016. He was also arrested by the Mumbai police in 2020 when he made an offensive twit about Ranbir Kapoor and Irfan Khan.

In 2021 KRK was accused of harassing his fitness trainer. KRK has a very old connection with controversies. Every time he gets involved the controversies. He has a YouTube channel where he reviews new movies and shares his personal experience about the movies. While reviewing movies he gets too personal and starts producing offensive words for actors, actresses, and directors.

While reviewing the movies he abuses and uses offensive words for directors and actors of the movies. which led him into controversies many FIRs were also registered against him for using offensive and abusive words for the actors, Actresses, and directors.

On his Twitter, he wrote that Salman Khan blamed him for the failure of his last film Tiger 3. On his X (Twitter) he wrote which is currently deleted,

“I am in Mumbai for last one year. And I am attending my all court dates regularly. Today I was going to Dubai for new year. But Mumbai police arrested me at the airport. According to police, I am wanted in a 2016 case. Salman khan is saying that his film #Tiger3 is flop because of me. If I die in any circumstances in police station or in jail, So you all should know that it’s a murder. And you all know, who is responsible!,” KRK said in a post on X.

KRK arrest news:

KRK arrest news

Last week KRK uploaded a video on his YouTube channels roasting Pakistani actress Sani Hamir and Indian rapper and songwriter Badshah. In his video, he uses many offensive and abusive words for Pakistani actress Hania Amir and rapper Badshah. This is just one example of how and what type of content he produces on his social media. Due to these reasons, KRK visits the jail again and again.

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