KTM Duke 990 Price in India: the new KTM all Specs and review price may surprise you.

KTM Duke 990 price in India

KTM Duke 990 Price in India

KTM DUKE 990 Price in India: Recently KTM unveiled its latest KTM 990cc at the EICMA show in Italy Milan. We will see the performance update and visual updates in the 990cc KTM its successor to the 890 Duke. It can be released in India at any time.

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In today’s news article of Bhartiye Times, we will try to inform you of some features of KTM 990cc, and try to dive into it for the proper review of KTM 990cc. Please continue reading the article.

According to some reports, the Duke 990 is more complete than the Duke 890. KTM has designed the Duke 990 better than the Duke 890. KTM 990 looks so futuristic.

Whenever KTM designs their bike, they keep in mind the bike should look Sharp aggressive, and a little like race-style. If we talk about its headlights, KTM has the new positioning lights, and daylight that give you the feeling of animation when you turn on the lights. In front, there is the availability of low beams and beam lights. All the front look is made out of glass fiber plastic.

Let us tell you KTM has changed its little look not only from the front side but a little also from the backside. The tail of the bike is a little changed, and the stop light is integrated into the turn signal lights. This kind of technology was already available in other brands of bikes.

If we go towards the engine of the KTM 990, we can see a new development in the engine. According to the reports, it has a 947 cc displacement, 103 Nm torque, and 123 HP.

If we talk about the exhaust of the KTM 990, it has there smaller exhaust with a beautiful design with euro 5 plus compliance.


In the new KTM Duke, we will get a 5 5-inch TFT Display with upgraded graphics and will also get pictograms that will show in which mode we are riding. We also choose the ride modes like Rain, Street sport, and track mode. We can choose anti-wheel mode too.

ABS features from Super Moto Road
MTC traction control.
Quick shifter on-off and all important information we see on the display.

For the 1500 Kilometers, the bike will come with a full tech pack and later we choose to choose a feature.


If we talk about the brakes of the KTM 990, We will get a new redesigned 500-gram lighter disc brake and 4-piston brake caliper, It means riders can ride faster. On the rear, it has a 240 mm disc brake with two positions of caliper

The new KTM 990 weight is 179 kgs.

The new KTM 990 will come in two colour options, Electronic orange, and Black Metallic.

KTM Duke 990 Price in India

According to some reports KTM Duke 990 Price in India can go upto 10000 – 14000 dollars.

some specs 2024 KTM Duke 990 Price in India

Price10000 – 14000 dollars (not confirmed)
fuel capacity 14.5 liters
weight179 kg
Front Brake deal 300mm discs, ABS
Rear Brake single position caliper, 240mm disc
Engine four stroke, liquid – cooled, twin cylinder
some specs 2024 KTM Duke 990 Price in India

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