Lee Jae Myung Stabbed news: South Korean opposition leader is stabbed in the neck by an unidentified man in 2024

Lee Jae Myung Stabbed news

Lee Jae Myung Stabbed news:

Lee Jae Myung Stabbed news: South Korean opposition leader Lee Jae Myung was stabbed in the neck by an unknown man. The opposition leader Lee Jae Myung was stabbed by a knife by an unidentified man. The South Korean officials are still investigating the unidentified man. The Leader was stabbed by a knife-wielding man during a visit to Busan.

Lee Jae Myung was taken to the nearest hospital. The officials confirmed while taken to the hospital he was conscious and wasn’t in a serious condition. The head is the opposition democratic party Lee needs a prayer for the fastest recovery.

According to the police, Lee was walking through a crowd of media persons, The suspect appeared by saying he was a fan of his and wanted an autograph. The attacker didn’t waste a single time, the moment he saw an opportunity, attacked Lee in the neck with a knife.

The moment Lee was attacked, he lay on the ground. A person from the crowd helped Lee to stop bleeding with his handkerchief.

Just after the attack, the South Korean Police arrested the suspect but he neglected to the question’s answer, why he attacked Lee.

Lee’s Democratic party said this incident was a terrorist attack and also added that it was a serious threat to democracy and called on police to investigate the attack. Yoon Suk Yeol, President of the opposition party expressed deep concern about Lee’s health and ordered the authorities to investigate the incident.

The 2022 election was lost by Yoon by a narrow margin. The supporters of Lee believe in the next upcoming election Lee can win by a huge margin.

Lee is famous for his speaking style. Supporters see him as an anti-elitist hero. Supporters believe that he could reform establishment politics, can finish corruption, supporters also believes that he could solve growing economic inequality.

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