Lee Sun Kyun died in 2023: The Golden Globe winner actor died anonymously.

Lee Sun Kyun died

Lee Sun Kyun died

Lee Sun Kyun died: Lee Sun Kyun, a Golden Globe winner, died on 27 December 2023. He was a 48-year-old South Korean actor. He is mostly known for the Oscar-winning movie “Parasite”. He was found dead in his car. According to the local reports in South Korea, his death was not natural but was killed by someone it’s just speculation.

Lee Sun Kyun died: He was found dead in central Seoul in his car. Earlier police thought he was just unconscious but later the officials found he was dead. He was accused of using illegal drugs earlier. The investigation about drug consumption by Lee Sun Kyun was investigated by South Korean police officers. But after his death investigation is withdrawn.

According to the reports of South Korean news agencies, Lee Sun Kyun was being searched by South Korean Police, because his family found something similar to a suicide note By Lee Sun Kyun.

Lee was best known for his performance in the “Parasite” film. Where he played the role of the rich man. In 2021 he was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Award and won that award.

Beginning of his career he used to get only supporting roles. He did a lot of work on acting. Later sometime he started getting lead roles in his play. Seeing his performance many acting teachers applauded him.

Later he also got a chance to work with TV director Lee Yoon Jung on Taereung National Village 2005. As a result, he was cast in Coffee Prince in 2007. He became popular after doing a drama called “White Tower”. After being cast in “White Tower” he looked back he did many popular projects like “Pasta”, “Golden Time” and “My Mister”.

After completing a lot of projects, He finally received the Best Actor award from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival for his role in Paju.

We lost a talented actor very early, Hope the reason for his death comes soon.

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