Rethinking Politics: Lessons from Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Joro-Yatra

Lessons from Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Joro-Yatra

Conversation with students from Harvard University: In a conversation with Rahul Gandhi, a Harvard University student Asks: “You went on Bharat Joro-Yatra to meet people. It was the real time of reinvigoration of the Congress party, and you also got to learn so many things. What did you learn? And how are you going to translate those insights?”

Rahul Gandhi’s Answer to Havard Student: A Politician is doomed if he doesn’t listen. people want conversation.

Rahul Gandhi’s journey across India, known as Bharat Joro-Yatra, provided him with important insights into the changing world of Indian politics. In the conversation, He shared key observations that shed light on the need for a paradigm shift in political strategies. This article aims to explore what Rahul Gandhi said and what it means for the future of politics in India.

Lessons from Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Joro-Yatra

Traditional Politics is Changing

Gandhi talks about a big change in how politics works, both in India and the West. According to him, the conventional image of a politician is ‘basically dead. This implies that the established norms and strategies that worked in the past are no longer effective. To be successful, politicians need new ideas and ways of thinking.

Talking Honestly with People:

Gandhi thinks that politicians aren’t having real conversations with the public anymore. Instead, they focus on mere appeasement, attempting to please the masses without addressing their concerns. According to him, good politics involves having genuine conversations that challenge both leaders and the public.

Rahul Gandhi in conversation with students from Harvard University

Being Ready to Change:

The collapse of traditional political categories, as Gandhi sees it, means that politicians need to be ready to change. According to Rahul Gandhi, The primary reason for the collapse of political categories is that politicians are not listening anymore.

He says, if you want to do politics, you can not use the same old rules, that you were using before, it doesn’t work. You have to engage in conversation with the people.

Moving from Pleasing to Listening:

Gandhi points out that some politicians only want to make people happy without really listening to them. He suggests that politicians should go beyond just making gestures and actually pay attention to what people are saying. Real conversations involve challenges and debates, helping everyone understand the issues better.


Rahul Gandhi’s insights from the Bharat Joro-Yatra offer a thought-provoking perspective on the state of contemporary politics. He suggests that we need new ideas, real conversations, and a willingness to change. As the world of politics keeps evolving, leaders and parties must heed these insights to effectively connect with the public and make politics more responsive to people’s needs.

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