Most expensive weird things: These expensive things is costliest than your whole life income

Most expensive weird things

Most Expensive Weird Things: In this article of Bhartiye Times, we will tell you the costliest and most expensive things.

Most expensive weird things


Everyone knows about a normal comb which can be bought in the market for just 20 Rupees. Which is used to comb your hair. But we are not talking about any normal comb. It’s the world’s most expensive comb worth 9,500 dollars in Indian Rs it’s almost 8 lakh.

It is not just an ordinary comb it is built by a Slovakian company, Tomas Veres. It is built with precious metals like 14-carat Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and Sterling Silver and it comes in Ostrich Leather Pouches. This comb is hand made and it was made in Italy. These features make it the world’s most expensive Comb.

Nail Cutter

A normal Nail Cutter costs around 50 rupees in the market. But the world’s most expensive Nail Cutter costs 1 million euros. Which is almost 10 crore in Indian rupees.

It was created by a former Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau to celebrate Prince George’s first birthday. It was made by an 18-carat gold nail clipper and the handle was built with over 350 individual-carat diamonds. To make this world’s most expensive Nail Cutter craftsmen spent nearly 10 weeks.

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Trash Bag

We all have trash bags in our homes where we keep garbage to throw away the trash. The bags that we use cost around 5 rupees.

But their trash bags are costly and are made only for rich people so they can keep their garbage in expensive trash bags. Balenciaga’s Trash bag which cost around 1700 dollars in Indian Rs almost 1,42000. The trash bag cost that much because of its brand Balenciaga.


A normal pencil in the market costs 5 rupees but here we are not talking about any normal pencil. We are talking about Graf von Faber Castell’s perfect pencil which cost around 12,000 dollars in Indian rupees almost 1 lakh.

The reason behind this is so expensive because it is crafted with 240-year-old olive wood and 18-carat white gold. Only 10 pieces were crafted in the whole world. Making it the most expensive pencil in the world.

A Paper Bag

A normal paper bag costs around 5 to 10 rupees in India. The costliest Brown Paper Bag was sold for 290 dollars. In Indian Rs 24,161. It is also known as a men’s clutch. This bag was made of coated Kraft paper.

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