Mr. Beast built 100 wells Across Africa and he also donated to many places. 

Mr. Beast built 100 wells

Mr. Beast is a popular YouTuber with more than 207 million subscribers on his main channel and he owns a few more channels including “Beast Philanthropy”. On Beast Philanthropy he put a new video where we watched that he, built 100 wells, bridges, Solar power, and Provided a bicycle in Africa. 

In today’s news article of Bhartiye Times, Times we will tell you about Mr. Beast, who built wells, Provided bicycles, built a Bridge, Solar, and many other things. 

Mr. Beast and his team members traveled to many places in Africa and built 100 wells in Zimbabwe Kenya and many other places in Africa. 

In one African village School of Africa, people used to travel many miles just to get water and that water wasn’t even pure drinking water. So Mr. Beast built a tap water system in the African school. In that place,  

He also provided new bicycles to the Children and built a solar power system in Africa, he also built a bridge in an African village so that during the rainy season villagers could easily travel from one place to another place easily  

Mr. Beast “philanthropist” 

Mr. Beast has a big heart he has done many things for the welfare of humans he once adopted an orphanage, Mr.Beast provided free bicycles to the poor, and he has a big heart for the animals too, He helped many dogs to walk properly, 

Mr. Beast also helped the poor children to make their lives better he paid for the surgery of Children. He has done many things for the welfare of humans. 

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