National Farmers Day in 2023: Let’s know the reason why we celebrate National Farmers Day.

National Farmers Day

National Farmers Day: Today 23 December 2023 is a National Farmer’s Day. On 23 December every year, we celebrate the National Farmers Day in India. We all know our country is a Farmer’s country and we also know the importance of our Farmers. They play very crucial in the GDP of our country. In our country, there are over 15 crore farmers.

These farmers contribute to increasing the GDP of the country, helping eradicate hunger, and making the country powerful and also makes powerful in the agriculture sector. Today we will learn some new things about National Farmer’s Day so please keep reading.

To understand how importance of Farmers, let’s delve into into the article,

During the British rule, Farming played the major role in increasing the GDP of our country. To-date, Our Farmers contribute 17 percent of the total GDP of our country and provide employment to over 58 percent of our total population.

Why is National Farmers Day Celebrated?

Every year on 23 December National Farmers Day is celebrated in memory of Former Prime Minister of India Chaudhary Charan Singh. National Farmers Day is also celebrated as Charan Singh Day. Charan Singh did many things to improve the working conditions of Indian Farmers he did all these because he used to connect himself with farmers

Let’s know a little about Charan Singh: He was born in the Harpur District of Uttar Pradesh on 23 December 1902. He was also the fifth Prime Minister of India. He became the Prime Minister of India from 28th July 1979 till 14th January 1980. During his tenure as Prime Minister, he made many policies to improve the lives of Farmers. Along with politician, he was also a good writer, he also has a good knowledge of English.

Charan Singh completed his education in Uttar Pradesh after completing his schooling he completed his law degree from Agra University and later, started practicing law in Ghaziabad in 1928. He became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh on 3 April 1967 and resigned from the position of Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Later, on 17 February 1970 once again he became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

National Farmers Day

How you can celebrate National Farmers Day

Many people in today’s generation celebrate National Farmers Day by just posting Happy Farmers Day on social media which is okay but along with these things, we must have respect for our Farmers in our hearts. Whenever we see our Farmers we see them as lower class but in reality, they are not. They are the ones who feed us. They are the ones who have been contributing to our GDP. Because of our Farmers, we are one of the biggest agricultural countries in the world. This is why we celebrate our Farmers and celebrates National Farmers Day.

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