Neon Man Success Story in 2023: A true example if you don’t give up then you will get success.

Neon Man Success story

Neon Man Success Story: Ayush Parmar popularly known as Neon Man. He is also the owner of India’s first individual news YouTube channel. He generally provides the news related to the YouTubers. Recently Neon Man started providing news that is outside of the YouTube community.

In a news article in Bhartiye Times, we will talk about Neon Man Success Story Neon Man’s net worth, and many more.

Neon Man AKA Ayush Parmar was born on 17 June 2001in Jharkhand. His family includes his mom and dad. Neon Man’s father is an ex-Army officer now his father doing a corporate Job. His mother is a housewife. After posting his father in Kharagpur his family shifted to Kharagpur and continued his studies in Kharagpur.

Educational Background

Neon Man was a brilliant student in studies. In high school, he got more than 80 percent and opted commerce stream to continue his further education. After completing his intermediate Neon Man chose BBA honours to complete his graduation.

Neon Man Success Story

When he was young he used to watch a lot of videos and he thought that only professionals could upload videos on YouTube. One of his friends uploaded the song on YouTube. When he got to know about the song he started figuring out how could video get uploaded on YouTube. After he figured out how a video gets uploaded he started uploading random videos like gaming and tutorial videos. Even after uploading 100 videos, he was not getting views and subscribers and he had only 300 subscribers.

Later, Ayush Parmar started his second YouTube channel which was different from his first channel where he used to upload mashup songs. But this channel also didn’t work. Even after uploading 150 mashup songs he only had 90 subscribers.

Neon man success story: Once again he started another channel but this time too same thing happened as his previous two channels. His third also didn’t work but he didn’t give up and continued to upload videos on different niches.

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Later, he decided to work on different kinds of unique niches. He was inspired by his favorite YouTubers Pyrocynical and Drama Alert. He thought that there was no YouTube channel like Pyrocynical in India so he started making videos and in those videos, he used to comment while playing the game. So, on 18 April 2017, he created another channel and kept the channel name, Neon Man. He uploaded the first videos on 18 April 2017 on his new channel Neon Man. He talked about his channel aim and said here he would upload news about YouTubers like Bhuvan Bam, Carryminati, and other YouTubers.

His channel got recognition when he made a video where Carryminati returned super chat money to his fan. The title of the video was Carry Gets a Huge Donation From there, he never looked back and started making videos on YouTube news.

Neun Man Success story

Gradually he became popular and his channel engagement also increased later his channel officially became India’s number 1 news-related YouTube channel. Today Neon Man has 2.1 million subscribers and from his channels, he earns lakhs.

Now Neon Man uploads news related to content creators. He also uploads controversy-related news. Whenever he uploads news related to the controversy his channel grows. Like, when people were talking about Amit Bhadana and Bhuvan Bam’s 10 million subscribers Neon Man made a video about this controversy and his channel grew exponentially same thing happened during the time of the Emiway vs Raftaar controversy.

Today Neon Man is one of the successful YouTubers (Neon Man Success Story). He showed us if you don’t give up one day you will achieve what you want after failing many times he did not give up and continued his YouTube career eventually he is now India’s number 1 individual YouTube channel.

Neon Man’s net worth

Neon Man’s main source of income is Advertisements, Sponsorships, and events. As per some reports, Neon Man earns 5 to 8 lakh per month from YouTube Ads. And from sponsorships, he makes 2 to 3 lakhs per month.

We don’t have the exact figure of Neon Man’s net worth but his estimated net worth is around 2.5 crores to 5 crores.

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