Odisha Girl Raped by Boyfriend News: The Minor girl was raped for 3 days by his boyfriend and a Group of photographers.

Odisha Girl Raped by Boyfriend News

Odisha Girl Raped by Boyfriend News

Odisha Girl Raped by Boyfriend News: The Andhra Pradesh Police arrested 11 men for raping a minor girl in Odisha’s Visakhapatnam. The girl who was raped on different occasions was from Odisha, It is said that the girl raped for 2 to 3 days continuously. News agency PTI reported, the told police, that her boyfriend took her to a hotel room to celebrate her birthday on 17 December. Later, they both had physical relations. After her boyfriend had a physical relationship later her boyfriend called his friend, who also sexually assaulted the minor girl.

According to the reports, Her boyfriend had a physical relation in a hotel. Later her boyfriend called his friend and he also assaulted the minor girl, Visakhapatnam Zone-1 deputy commissioner of police K Srinivas Rao told PTI.

Commissioner K Srinivasan Rao added, that the girl was unable to bear the trauma and went to RK Beach the port city to end her life, they’re a photographer tried to talk to her had a conversation with her, and took her to the lodge sexually assaulted with his 8 or 9 photographer friends.

Odisha Girl Raped by Boyfriend News

The group of 8 or 9 Photographers continuously raped the minor girl for two days. The brave girl managed to escape from there.

This all incident came to the limelight when her parents registered the missing case on the same. The police registered the missing case on the same day. The officials started investigating to find her. They got information about that she was in Odisha they immediately went there and received her. The minor girl was brought back on 25 December 2023.

The police said that the girl was sexually assaulted or raped by his boyfriend and the group of photographers on December 20, 21, and 22. The police also if the girl was raped on 18 and 19 or not.

The commissioner said that they convert the missing case into a rape case under IPC section 376 and added the POCSO.

N.Chandrababu Expresses his feelings

Odisha Girl Raped by Boyfriend News

N Chandrababu expressed his feelings over the incident and posted on X, “My head hangs in shame, and my heart aches at this heinous crime in Vizag. Criminals continue to hurt our daughters and sisters without fearing the law because they know there is no law and order in a YSRCP-ruled Andhra Pradesh. Forget women empowerment, YS Jagan’s vision seems to only empower criminals who prey on women”.

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