Ola Unveils Krutrim AI Model: A Game-Changer for Indian Users, Challenging Global AI Giants

Ola Unveils Krutrim AI Model A Game-Changer for Indian Users, Challenging Global AI Giants

Ola Unveils Krutrim AI Model Challenging Global AI Giants: Bhavish Aggarwal, founder of Ola Cabs and Ola Electric, has introduced India’s first artificial intelligence model. It is said that the Model is going to compete with OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT and GoogleGo’s Bard. During the launch event, Bhavish Aggarwal showcased the artificial AI chatbot, which is similar to ChatGPT and Bard.

This model Answers questions the same as ChatGpt and Bard. What makes it different from other AI models is that it can understand 22 Indian languages and can generate text in 10 languages like Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, etc.

Bhavish Aggarwal said that now you can sign up for the chatbot by visiting www.olakrutrim.com. The model is still in beta version, under development. Still, it is available in early access batches. It will be available to everyone from the end of next month.

Empowering India: Krutrim AI Model’s Challenge to Global Giants with Regional Language Proficiency

Big players like ike ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Gemini AI are already established in the world of AI. These Chat Bots are very popular among the users. Now Indian AI technology will compete with these well-established AI models.

Ola has created a challenge, at least in India, for foreign AI tools by introducing a new indigenous AI model. I say this because the Krutrim AI Model has the upper hand with its capability to understand and generate text in regional languages.

What advantage does Krutrim have over other LLM’s?

The special capability of working in 10 Indian languages will allow the company to connect with its local Users. Since the Langue Model is trained on data collected from local sources, the Krutrim AI Model has better contextual references and colloquial phrases specific to Indian languages. Users can easily ask questions in their mother tongue. Artificial AI will respond in multiple Indian languages. This answer will be more relevant and relatable for Indian users.

Ola Unveils Krutrim AI Model: Krutrim and Krutrim Pro

Krutrim pro and Krutrim meaning

According to the information given by the company, the artificial AI model will come in two versions. The first is the base model, called Krutrim, which means artificial in Sanskrit. This model is claimed to be trained on 2 trillion tokens and unique datasets. Let us tell you that the data, facts, and text converted in machine-understandable format are called tokens. The base Krutrim model is claimed to be capable of comprehending(understanding) 22 Indian Languages and can respond in 10 Indian languages.

The name of its large model is Krutrim Pro. This model is probably going to be available only for Businesses or Companies. Ola plans to launch it in the next quarter. However, it is not yet clear how this tool will work and what facilities it will provide to the common people.

Krutrim VS ChatGPT

If companies claim to train their model on 2 trillion tokens and unique datasets is right. then we can expect the Ola Krutrim AI Model to have a deep understanding of regional language and perform a wide range of natural language processing tasks. language processing tasks involve using AI to understand and generate human language. For instance, creating summaries of long articles, translating, having conversations with users, and processing information.

The sources suggest that the Krutrim outperformed all other AI models in the regional languages on Benchmarks. Also, it surpassed Meta’s AI Llama 2 in the English language, although it lagged behind Bard and ChatGpt-4.

Krutrim VS ChatGPT

Krutrim is a Large Language Model

Ola’s artificial intelligence is a Large Language Model (LLM). LLM is a deep learning algorithm. They are trained using large datasets, which is why they are called large language Models. This enables the model to translate, predict, and generate text and other content. Ola’s new tool has been categorized as India’s first full-stack AI. The company claims that Artificial Intelligence is built on local Indian knowledge, languages, and data. Aggarwal has described this tool as beneficial for everyone.

Possible challenges

To run large language Models huge resources are required. LLM’s are run on powerful cloud computers. These computers are very costly. ChatGPT costs $700,000 per day to Open-AI. in Indian currency, it costs about 5 crores. The Open-AI could not handle these expenses and had to get help from Microsoft.

So the biggest challenge for Krutrim is not this Established brand but the expenses that they need to take care of.

Conclusion and Expectations

If Ola successfully launches the Krutrim AI Model. It could mark a revolutionary moment for Indian users. People will be able to utilize the AI model without worrying about language barriers. The Pro version of HhatGPT is priced at $20. While this amount is not significant for English Countries, it is substantial for Indians. Since the Krutrim is local Tech we can expect it to be more affordable.

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