Oye Indori Rape Case in 2023: A famous YouTuber accused of Rape

Oye Indori Rape case

Oye Indori Rape Case: Robin Jindal popularly known as Oye Indori. He is currently accused of rape. In Noida police station, the rape file is a complaint. The police are currently investigating the full matter.

Robin Jindal’s girlfriend filed an FIR of being raped by his boyfriend Robin Jindal also known as Oye Indori. Her girlfriend was in a live-in relationship with his boyfriend Oye Indori for many years. She accused her boyfriend and said her boyfriend promised her to marry and while in a live-in relationship, he raped her.

Oye Indori Rape Case

Robin Jindal also known as Oye Indori is a famous YouTuber and social media influencer. He has currently almost 8 million subscribers on YouTube and 7.4 million followers on Instagram. He uploads funny reels on Instagram and YouTube he makes funny and Prank videos. Almost every reel on Instagram he makes goes viral and gets views in millions also he gets views in millions on his YouTube channel.

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Oye Indori’s girlfriend was already divorced and he promised her to marry. They both lived together without marrying. They were in a live-in relationship. They met in Indore while she was finding her new flat to live their that time Robin Jindal helped her to find a flat. After finding a flat Robin always used to come to meet her (his girlfriend Alleges).

Oye Indori Rape Case

Oye Indori Rape Case: The complaint was filed in a MIG station the sources also say that Oye Indori was also accused of rape earlier by her divorced girlfriend in March. However, the settlement was done even before the case took place in the courtroom.

She is 22 years old and filed a rape case against his boyfriend Robin Jindal also known as Oye Indori in MIG Police station in Noida. She is accused of being raped and betrayed by his boyfriend Robin Jindal. She accused her that her boyfriend promised her to marry, relying on this promise they were in a live-in relationship for a long time but after some sometime her boyfriend betrayed her and engaged with another social media influencer. She adds, On their engagement a lot of YouTubers and social media personalities were shown.

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