The Path to Profit: Low-Cost Business Ideas in India

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No matter how big a company you work in, you will be able to earn less from one business.  People earn lakhs a month from a roadside stall, and despite being on a big post in a corporate company in India, he/she earns only Rs 50,000 or max to max 1 lakhs. 

 In India, even after working 8 hours a day, people earn only Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000 per month, and those who have their own business earn Rs 150,000 to Rs 200,000 per month by working a little harder than a job holder, it is certain a that there is risk in starting an own business. But also we can enjoy more profit, income in business.  

So today in this news article we will talk about some low-cost businesses from which people can easily earn Rs 100,000 to 200,000 lakh per month. 

Barber Shop 

In today’s generation, everyone needs a different kind of haircut, and just to cut hair barber takes 50 to 150 rupees depending upon the style of haircut, Shaving, and massage 

The investment to start a Barber Shop is 200000 to 300000 rupees and people are making 50000 net profit from barber shop.  

If you want to start a barbershop just find an experienced barber and location. 

MOMO Shop 

MOMO is a much-loved Snack in India, Momo originated in Tibet and was introduced to Nepal by Tibetan immigrants. 

To start a MOMO business it just costs an investment of 200,000. The people who want to start a MOMO business he/she has to make a stall in a public place, where the availability of a walking audience is more. People who have started a MOMO stall are making 80000 to 100000 per month. 


In today’s time, everyone has a mobile or laptop in their hand you just need to research a little bit to find a niche for your channel or you can upload your day-to-day activities on YouTube by adding some humor to your videos, and you will start earning according to your views. 


This is the best source of Income that you can build. you can start this business with as low as 10,000 rupees.

Free sources for learning Blogging.

  • Youtube
  • Skillshare ( get a free trial using your Debit card)

If You Need the whole path to becoming a blogger comment below with your email. I will write a well-detailed article on this topic. ( I am a blogger too)

Car Cleaning shop 

Nowadays everyone owns a car, so car Cleaning businesses are profitable businesses. An Average car cleaning shop makes 60000 per month and to start a car cleaning business, we need an investment of around 100000 to 200000 

You can purchase car cleaning equipment from Amazon or from your nearest shop. 

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