Sameer Khandekar died: A talented professor died at IIT Kanpur at the age of 55.

Sameer Khandekar died

Sameer Khandekar died: Professor Sameer Khandekar who was a professor at IIT Kanpur died at the age of 55 while giving a speech at an alumni meeting of IIT Kanpur. He felt some sudden pain in his chest and then something unfortunate thing happened and he died.

Prof. Sameer Khandekar died

A 55-year-old Professor Sameer Khandekar died on Friday at an alumni meet. While he was delivering a speech at IIT Kanpur about health, he was talking a health and good health, The moment he said “Take care of your health” he suddenly felt a pain in his chest and sat on the stage, the crowd started thinking that he was emotional later, some time he face started sweating and laid down on the stage.

He was suddenly taken to the hospital but was declared dead. The doctor added that he had already died before he was taken to the hospital.

The doctor later went through Smeer Khandekar’s medical history and then guessed Sameer must have died because of Cardiac arrest or Cardiac block. The reason for his death is not clear yet. The confirmation of his death will only come after the postmortem.

Sameer Khandekar died: His son came from Cambridge University to attend the last riots of his father Professor Sameer Khandekar.

Professor Sameer Khandekar was born in Jabalpur a district of Madhya Pradesh. Sameer Khandekar completed his B.Tech from IIT Kanpur. Later, he went to Germany for his further education where he completed his Ph.D.

There he worked for some time, later, he came back to India and joined as an Assistant Professor at IIT Kanpur. Later he became an associate Professor at IIT Kanpur. He did hard work in the post of associate professor at IIT Kanpur. Seeing his phenomenal work he was appointed as the Department head of the Mechanical department and Dean of student welfare.

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