Sandeep Maheshwari vs Vivek Bindra: Clash between two powerful YouTubers in 2023 know the reason.

Sandeep Maheshwari vs Vivek Bindra

Sandeep Maheshwari vs Vivek Bindra Controversy:

Sandeep Maheshwari vs Vivek Bindra: In a recent video of Sandeep Maheshwari
He was taking a question-and-answer session. Their audience stood up and told a story about a big scam. There he said that there is a big YouTuber who sells a course by promising that after completing a course you will become a successful businessman further he adds that he bought that course for 50,000. But that course is not worth 50,000. He further adds that instead of teaching how to become a businessman that course teaches us how to be a salesman.

At first, Sandeep did not believe the audience when they said that the course was worth 50,000. Later, another person stood up and mentioned that he had also purchased the same course for 30,000. Sandeep Maheshwari asked the audience whether there was a refund system available, but they informed him that there was no way to get their money back. That person added we can’t get our money back but we earn money through selling this course to someone else. After a sale, a person will get a commission based income.

Later, Sandeep Maheswari assumed that this whole business system is like an MLM. Where you sell a product to someone and earn commissions after selling a thing or a course. Sandeep Maheshwari suggested the audience to go through a legal way. Further Sandeep suggested to file a case in a consumer court.

In this whole video, Sandeep Maheshwari didn’t know about the scammer company. He didn’t even mention the name of anyone or any company but suddenly founder of Bada Business Dr. Vivek Bindra came into the controversy of
Sandeep Maheshwari vs Vivek Bindra. Even the whole YouTube community is talking about Sandeep Maheshwari vs Vivek Bindra.

Sandeep Maheshwari vs Vivek Bindra

The news is coming out that Vivek Bindra is forcing Sandeep Maheshwari to delete the video but Sandeep is refusing to delete the video since he is saying that we are not doing anything wrong. We stand with truth. Sandeep further added that he is getting a lot of calls from Vivek Bindra’s team to delete the video. Even the person who spoke about the fraud in Sandeep Maheshwari’s show got a lot of threatening calls to change the words he said in Sandeep’s show.

know what they wrote on the community post (Sandeep Maheshwari vs Vivek Bindra)

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Later, both of them posted a community post Sandeep Maheshwari wrote,(Sandeep Maheshwari vs Vivek Bindra)

Mere Pyaare Vivek,

Ek taraf se aap ne meri team ko legal action ki dhamki di (abhi maine aap ki call recording suni) aur doosri taraf se aap ne mere ghar par apne employees ko bheja. Woh bhi ek baar nahi… baar baar… kya aap ko sach mein lagta hai ki main aap ki dhamkiyon se darta hoon?

Darta woh hai jo kuch galat karta hai. Main apne faayde ke liye nahi balki sabke faayde ke liye kaam karta hoon… aur marte dum tak karta rahoonga… aap jaise lakhon log mil kar bhi mujhe nahi rok sakte.

Aur mujhe akela samajhne ki galti mat karna… poori YouTube community mere saath hai. Saare YouTubers (chote se chote aur bade se bade) ab aap ko khul kar EXPOSE karenge. Aap ka naam lekar aap ke “Bada Business” ke baare mein khul kar baat karenge (isko freedom of speech kehte hain).

Kis kis ko dhamka kar unka video delete karwaoge? Ek delete hoga. Hazaar videos aur banenge.

Public se koi Nahi Jeet sakta.. phir chahe wo CM ya phir PM hi kyun na ho.. tum toh cheez hi Kya ho..

Now it’s Public vs Vivek Bindra.

Sandeep Maheshwari vs Vivek Bindra

Later, Vivek Bindra openly wrote a community post on YouTube and said,

Sandeep Bhai,

I watched your latest video, ‘Big Scam Exposed. Since you confirmed it is related to me and my company I feel that I should openly discuss it with my official ID, so that there is no confusion in the audience’s mind.

You invited me to your show where I answered every question of yours with complete honesty. With that same honesty, I want to say that if there are any questions in audience’s minds regarding me, I am ready to come to your show again and discuss it openly. Let me challenge you openly. Do you have guts to face the reality.

For entrepreneurs, I organized the largest event to date, Entrepreneurs Launchpad, where thousands of young entrepreneurs came and did not leave empty-handed. They received guidance from top mentors. Next, I am coming with a 10-Day MBA program for entrepreneurs, and I am not charging anything for it. Still, I respect you and if you have any suggestions or proposals, I am ready to come to your show again for a face-to-face discussion Let me know when

Regarding the issue of scaring or threatening any of your employees, it is not part of our culture. If anyone in my team has done such a thing, please share the unedited recording, and I will take action myself. (I do have recordings too)

You blocked my number and ignored my humble requests various times to talk to me. You deleted over 5000 positive comments about me (I have screenshots too) It is true that my Director and Chief of Staff visited your house and the intention behind it was to schedule an appointment with you for an open conversation. (We know your nature so we have recordings of what happened)

We stand with the entire YouTube community, and we cannot even think of doing wrong to you.

As for the matter of deleting videos, sending a legal notice to influencers who speak without facts and take advantage of opportunities is within my rights.

For further discussion, whenever you call, I will come…

But I know you don’t have the guts to face reality

These are all things Vivek Bindra wrote in a YouTube community post.

The whole YouTube is going crazy about Sandeep Maheshwari vs Vivek Bindra. Who do you support and who do you think is right.

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