Shahrukh Khan funny reply on AskSRK

Shahrukh Khan funny twitter AskSRK

Every time to promotes a new movie Shahrukh Khan uses the X (Twitter) here he uses new techniques like #AskSRK
where fans ask different kinds of questions related to the film and SRK replies to those questions humorously.

Once again to promote his new movie Dunki he started #AskSRK where People ask different questions and SRK funnily replies to them.

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Fan asked a question SRK, Sir Dunki ke liye front seat book karu ya corner seat.

SRK replies and says, Bhai Mera toh manna hai Dunki houseful jayegi. Ghar se hi sofa lekar aa jaana seat toh nahi milegi.

Shahrukh Khan has a unique way of promoting his movies. whenever Shahrukh’s new movie is about to release he starts a #AskSRK session on X (Twitter) by doing this he promotes his upcoming Movies. In #AskSRK trend fans can ask any questions to SRK and he replies to all questions funny way.

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