Surat Diamond Bourse inaugurated by PM Modi in 2023: It is the extraordinary and exceptionally built world’s biggest office building.

Surat Diamond Bourse inaugurated by PM Modi

Surat Diamond Bourse inaugurated by PM Modi: Gujarat Surat is known for producing 90 percent of all diamonds that are produced around the world. Now India has made the world’s largest business building with more than thousands of rooms. The Building is built in the Pentagon shape.

Let’s know more about SDB, Surat Diamond Bourse was initiated in 2015 and its construction was started in 2017 but due to the lockdown and coronavirus pandemic, it was delayed for 2 years, and on 17 December 2023 Surat Diamond Bourse was inaugurated by PM Modi.

It is a diamond trade center located in Gujarat, Surat and it was designed by the Indian architecture firm Morphogenesis. SDB is the world’s largest diamond trading hub. The floor space of this building is over 660,000 square meters or 7,100,000 square feet. After the inauguration of Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB), it became the world’s largest office building.

Surat Diamond Bourse inaugurated by PM Modi

Surat Diamond Bourse inaugurated by PM Modi

The SDB building is located in Diamond Research and Mercantile City, it is a business district. The building has 15 floors and 4,200 national and international offices. Each office ranges from 28 square meters to 700 square meters.

Features of Surat Diamond Bourse:

The Surat Diamond Bourse is the world’s largest business building. It has 15 floors and 4,200 international and national offices. If we look at the elevators the building contains 131 elevators. With this number of elevators, it becomes one of the world’s most elevators in a building. According to reports, the elevator’s speed is 3 Meters per second.

The building itself is a small town it has many things such as a Multi-purpose Hall, Conference hall, Banks, Retail Shops, and a security plan hall,

What is the making cost of Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB)

According to the reports, the making cost of Surat Diamond Bourse is around Rs 3400 crore. It is built is 35.54 acres of land. The cost is this much due to its advanced infrastructure and the availability of everything in a single building. The building itself is a small town with over 4200 offices. In this office building 175 country people will come to buy Diamonds.

What are the advantages of making Surat Diamond Bourse?

Surat Diamond Bourse inaugurated by PM: The advantage of making the Surat Diamond Bourse is that because of this world’s largest business-building it will get positive exposure in the world, and around 1 lakh 50,000 thousand people will get employment because of SDB. As diamond buyers from different parts of the world will come to Surat and trade a diamond from SDB.

Surat Diamond Bourse inaugurated by PM Modi

Surat infrastructure will also be developed because of SDB around SDB new markets will be started more people will get employment. The metro station and the Airport will be also inaugurated near SDB. All this infrastructure will be completed in the next 5 years so the foreigners who come to buy or visit SDB won’t be in any trouble because of the lack of infrastructure.

The Challenges for Surat Diamond Bourse:

There are many challenges for the newly inaugurated Surat Diamond Bourse such as improper infrastructure like the Metro, Airport, Public transportation, and many more. There is already one established Diamond Bourse in Maharashtra Bharat Diamond Bourse. In Bharat Diamond Bourse many big diamond traders lead the diamond business of India. To overcome the competition from Bharat Diamond Bourse, SDB has to invite the big diamond players to set up their offices in Surat Diamond Bourse. Surat also has to improve the infrastructure and security near Surat Diamond Bourse.

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