Tiger 3 day wise collection: Tiger 3 broke records of Tuesday Boxoffice.

Tiger 3 day wise collection

Tiger 3 day wise collection

Tiger 3 day wise collection: Salman Khan starrer Tiger 3 continuously smashing all the records at the Boxoffice, not only in India Tiger 3 is setting the bar high for the Indian film Industry overseas too.

From a business perspective, Diwali and Laxmi Pooja considered as weakest days to release any film, because everyone gets busy with their festive work and can’t manage to go to the cinema halls despite all these obstacles Tiger 3 managed to earn 94 crores gross at worldwide Boxoffice

Tiger 3 on day one, broke the previous record of the highest Diwali day earnings of Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3, Krrish 3 made on Diwali 16 crores, and Salman Khan broke this record and made 44.50 crores from all over India nett figure.

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Tiger 3 day wise collection

If we talk about Tiger 3 day-wise collection of Tiger 3, Starrer Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi.
(Nett Figure)

Day 1. 44.50 cr
Day 2. 58.20 cr
Day 3. 42 cr (early estimated) wait for the official figure in the next news article of Bhartiye Times

Industry-wise collection

Day 1. 43cr Hi, 1.30cr Tamil, 0.20cr Telugu
Day 2. 58cr Hi, 0.22cr Tamil, 0.78cr Telugu
Day 3. 42 cr (yet to announce in all languages)

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