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Today’s Gold Price: Everyone in India wants to invest in gold.  But most of the people do not know when the price of gold fell and when it increased.  If you also want to buy gold when the price of gold is low and want to sell it when the price of gold increases, then welcome to today’s article in which we will know today’s gold price in India, today’s gold rate in India. 

In today’s article, we will tell you today Gold price for 22-carat gold and 24-carat gold in India. In India, most of the gold is purchased during festivals and wedding seasons. In such a situation, if you are also going to buy gold, then you need to know the latest price of gold is necessary. The price of 22-carat gold and 24-carat gold is given here. If you want to know the price of gold in your state, then read the article below. 

Gold is purchased the most during festivals and weddings in India. Gold can be bought when it is cheap, but if you also want to buy gold at cheap prices, then you have to be updated about the latest prices in your city. 

Today petrol Prices and diesel prices.

How does the price of gold increase or decrease?  

Today we will tell you how the price of gold increases or decreases. the basic knowledge of economics follows the rise and fall of gold price, whenever the demand for any item increases and if the supply decreases, the price of that item automatically increases. The same is the case with gold whenever the demand for gold increases and if the supply is less this case gold prices will rise. 

Why is Gold expensive? 

Gold is expensive because The shine of gold is quite different and beautiful from other materials. Gold is a metal that has been used the most as an essential piece of Jewellery for centuries, not only in jewelry but also in Structures, Monuments, Currencies, Electronics, and even to protect Astronauts in space from the negative heat of the sun. 

Difference between 22 and 24

If we tell you the difference between 24-carat gold and 22-carat gold,

then 24-carat gold has more purity and 24-carat gold has almost no mixing of copper and zinc. 

24-carat gold is 99.9 percent pure. 

We cannot make jewelry from 24-carat gold because 24-carat gold is very flexible and can bend quickly.  

If we tell you about your 22-carat gold,

then this gold is suitable for making jewelry

.24 carrot Gold is purer than 22 carrot Gold.

22 carat contains 91.6 percent gold and the rest is copper and zinc

Today’s 22-carat gold rate

Gram22 Carat Gold Price (Rs)
1 Gram5,609
8 Grams44,872
10 Grms56,090
Today 22 carat gold rate

Today’s 24 Carat gold rate

Gram24 Carat Gold Price (Rs)
1 Gram6,124
8 Grams48,992
10 Grams61,240
Today 24 Carat gold rate

Gold price in Your city: Gold price in different parts of India

In the following table is the information about what is the price of 24-carat and 22-carat gold in the main cities of India today on 31st October.

gold price in different part of india
City22 carat gold price(RS) (10 grams)24 carat gold Price( Rs) (10 grams)
Gold Price in Ahmedabad57,24062,430
Gold Price in Amritsar47,85052,200
Gold Price in Banglore57,19062,390
Gold Price in Bhopal47,85052,200
Gold Price in Bhubaneshwar57,19062,390
Gold Price in Chandigarh57,35062,540
Gold Price in Chennai47,92752,285
Gold Price in Coimbatore57,34062,550
Gold Price in Delhi57,35062,540
Gold Price in Faridabad47,80452,150
Gold Price in Gurgaon47,75852,100
Gold Price in Hyderabad57,19062,390
Gold Price in Jaipur57,35062,540
Gold Price in Kanpur47,93252,290
Gold Price in kerala57,19062,390
Gold Price in Kochi47,93252,290
Gold Price in Kolkata57,19062,390
Gold Price in Lucknow57,35062,540
Gold Price in Madurai57,34062,550
Gold Price in Mangalore57,19062,390
Gold Price in Meerut47,91852,275
Gold Price in Mumbai57,19062,390
Gold Price in Mysore57,19062,390
Gold Price in Nagpur57,19062,390
Gold Price in Nashik57,22062,440
Gold Price in Patna57,24062,430
Gold Price in Pune57,19062,390
Gold Price in Surat57,24062,430
Gold Price in Vadodra57,24062,430
Gold Prie in Vijayawada57,19062,390
Gold Price in Visakhapatnam57,19062,390
Gold price in different parts of India

Today’s 22-carat gold rate in the USA

GramToday’s Price of 22 Carat goldYesterday
1 GramUSD 61.50 \ 5119.875 INRUSD 61.50\ 5,119.87 INR
8 GramsUSD 492\ 40,959 INRUSD 492\ 40,959 INR
10 GramsUSD 615\ 51,198.75 INRUSD 615\ 51,198.75 INR
today 22 carat gold rate in the USA

Today’s 24-carat gold rate in the USA

GramToday’s Price of 24 CaratYesterday
1 GramUSD 66.50\ 5,536.12 INRUSD 66.50\ 5,536.12 INR
8 GramUSD 532\ 44,289 INRUSD 532\ 44,289 INR
10 GramUSD 665\ 55,361.25 INRUSD 665\ 55,361.25 INR
Today 24 Carot gold rate in USA

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