Top 5 Horror Web Series: If are You Scared of watching horror movies you must avoid these horror web series.

Top 5 Horror Web Series in hindi

Top 5 Horror Web Series: In today’s time you can get everything on an OTT platform. Every OTT platform has a different kind of Horror story. If you love to watch horror web series then we have brought to you the Top 5 Horror web series.

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Top 5 Horror Web Series:

Typewriter Horror Web Series:

Typewriter indian Horror Web Series

The typewriter was directed by Sujay Ghosh. The story is about a family who moved to an old mansion. Where they find a locked room in which they notice a typewriter and a book that tells a horror story.

A few children get excited to know more about the Ghost and follow the steps that are written in the book to call a ghost. To know more about The Typewriter web series watch it on Netflix.

Bhram Horror Web Series:

Bhram hindi Horror Web Series

Bhram was directed by Sangeeth Sivan and Amita Bathija. Bhram is one of the best thriller horror web series on Zee5. The story revolves around the actor Kalki Koechlin (Alisha) It has 8 episodes.

It is a psychological horror thriller web series. Where the main lead Alisha suffers from PTSD and experiences all kinds of paranormal, mythical, and psychological things to dig up all the past forgotten truths.

Gehraiyaan Horror Web Series:

Gehraiyaan Horror Web Series

Gehraiyaan’s story revolves around a surgeon Reyna Kapoor, Her Neighbour, and her close friend. She is afraid of her past incident. Which used to traumatize her.

The story is about, Reyna, She comes to Mumbai, to continue her career in surgery. Later, a spirit starts traumatizing her she feds up with the situation and starts finding out why the spirit wants her. To know what kinds of strange and paranormal challenges she faces watch it on Voot or YouTube for free.

Ghoul Horror Web Series:

Ghoul Horror Web Series

Ghoul is directed by Patrick Graham. It is a mini-series of 3 episodes available on Netflix. The performance of Radhika Apte will blow your mind. She performed brilliantly in the web series. On the other hand, Manav Kaul’s intense acting and performance will make you a fan of him.

The run time of this mini-web series is 45 minutes. Ghoul was released on 24 August 2018.

If we talk about the story of Ghoul, is set in India in a dystopian future. The main plot is to interrogate a dreaded terrorist Ali Saeed. To know more about this mini series watch it on Netflix.

Parchhayee Horror Web Series:

Parchhayee Horror Web Series

The story is by author Ruskin Bond and is available on Zee5. The story of this web series is about a loyal caretaker of a mansion, who continues to wait for her master. Will the master return or not to know to watch the web series

The performance of Bipasha Basu will steal your heart and if you are a fan of Bipasha Basu you must watch Parchhayee. Its IMDB rating is 5.5/10.

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