Vegetables Price to increase: Onion, Sugar, Pulses price can increase in future.

Vegetables Price to increase

Vegetables Price to increase

As per the report, the supply of Onion, pulses, Sugar, and Fruits can reduce shortly due to less rainfall. If the supply of these commodities decreases then we may see a high price for those commodities in the future. The reservoir in Maharashtra is less than last year. Which is approximately 20% less than last year. Maharashtra has a wide share in the production of Sugar, Onion, Pulses, etc.

According to the reports, due to the lack of rainfall in Maharashtra, fewer onions were planted. Earlier Farmers used to plant on 5 acres but due to less rainfall, Onions were planted only on 2 acres by the farmers. In the market, the price of the Onion is already high and shortly, the price may rise a little more. Along with onion prices Sugar, Pulses and Wheat prices may also rise.

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Why do the prices of vegetables increase?

The price of vegetable increase due to two factors demand and supply and other is transportation cost. If the demand of something is high from examples Onion, If the demand for Onion is high and the supply is less in this case the price of Onion will be high.

If the transportation cost is high, in this case, the price of the commodities to be sold also increases so the cost incurred on the transportation can be recovered by increasing the price of the selling commodity.

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