Vivo X100 Pro Price: Breaking news new Vivo X100 Pro Phone leaked in the market

VIVO X100 Pro Price

Vivo X100 Pro Price: Vivo X100 Pro’s looks and design recently leaked in the market and we have something to inform our readers so please continue reading.

Vivo is a famous Budget smart in the Indian market Vivo is mostly famous for its camera and design. Vivo is currently producing budget phones, foldable phones

According to our research Vivo, the new phone will be available in 3 variants in the market. They are VIVO X100, VIVO X100 Pro, and VIVO X100 Pro+.

Rumors in the market say that Vivo X100 and Vivo Z100 Pro will be the first phone that will showcase the Dimensity 9300 Soc. The rumors in the market also say that VIVO X100’s performance will be the same as the iPhone 15 Pro.

The phone was unboxed by one of the tech YouTubers and we saw in that video the Vivo X100 Pro curved edge and display which was similar to the X90 Pro in terms of looks.

The phone had a large camera that highlighted the ring shape on the back of the phone with 4 camera lenses. There is an LED flashlight too. (To know Vivo X100 Pro Price read below)

Vivo X100 Pro Specifications,

According to some reports, the front camera of the Vivo X100 Pro is 32 MP and the rear camera is 50 MP with OIS and 50 MP ultrawide shooter and 4.3x optical zoom capability.

Vivo X100 Pro Colours

If we believe rumors and the YouTube video of the Vivo X100 Pro unboxing. The color of the smartphone is light blue and Orange.

Vivo X100 Pro Battery

If we talk about the battery of Vivo X100 Pro we will get a 5100 power mAh Battery with 100W fast charging with the support of USB Type-C port.

Vivo X100 Pro Sim Slot

If we tell you about the Sim we will get nano-supporting Sim in both the slots ( Sim 1 and 2). And for India, we will get
5 G version.

Vivo X100 Pro Display

If we talk about Vivo X100 Pro’s display we will get a 6.82-inch AMOLED screen display with 1.5k resolution and According to the reports Vivo X100 Pro will be water resistant and dust resistant.

Vivo X100 Pro Performance

Vivo X100 Pro will have 12 GB RAM. The internal storage of the Vivo X100 Pro will be 257 GB (non-expandable) and It will have the Media Tek Dimensity of 9300.

Vivo X100 Pro Price

According to the reports in India, we will get Vivo X100 Pro Price will be Rupees 54000 (Expected Price)

Vivo X100 Release Date

According to the reports Vivo X100 Pro will be released on 13 November 2023.

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