What is Google Gemini AI: The new era of AI has been started by Google Gemini AI in 2023

What is Google Gemini AI

What is Google Gemini AI: This new generation is the world of AI. Where everyone uses Artificial intelligence to find the solution to complex questions.
In 2023 Google announced its new AI Google Gemini AI.

In 2023 at an event in June Google teased Google Gemini AI. As per reports its new flagship AI model, Gemini, has arrived, version 1.0. Recently google launched its new AI tool which named is Google Gemini. AI generation has been started. Which is Artificial Intelligence generation.

Google Gemini can work as your assistant this function will be available on your electronic devices like smartphones and laptops.

What is Google Gemini AI:

Google Gemini is an Artificial Intelligence It is a large language model which is developed by Google Deepmind. Which will help to solve complex problems in seconds. As Google says it will adapt and understand text, images, speech, and videos and it can also solve the complex problems of Mathematics and Physics.

Google wants to compete with ChatGPT-4 and Meta’s Llama 2 with its new product Gemini. To compete with Meta and Open AI Google has included the features and power of Bard Chatbot in Gemini.

what is Google Gemini AI

As per some reports, Gemini is very advanced and can multitask. It can simultaneously work on Text, Image, code, and videos. Google officials Say, that Gemini AI will have a strong capability for problem-solving and planning making.

Google Gemini AI Features:

It will help to find the solutions to your difficult questions. It will help in scheduling appointments, making reservations, and finding information.
It can also create or write blog posts, Articles, and scripts, and Google Gemini AI will also help in making trading and Stock Market decisions

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How to use Gemini

If you know how to use Chat GPT or if you have ever used the Chat GPT then you must know about the working process of Chat GPT. If have a question in mind what is Google Gemini AI thenet we make you understand easily? It is the same as Chat GPT but more advanced than ChatGPT.

We can also say it is like a human brain which understands the language process and duties. But it doesn’t have the emotions like real human beings.

Google Gemini 3 Variants:

Google Gemini launched in 3 variants. The smallest variant of Google Gemini is Nano. This Nano version has the feature to work on Android devices even if the user is offline. On the other hand, its advanced version is Gemini Pro. This version will soon be available in every service of Google

OpenAI vs Google Gemini

Google has been investing billions of dollars to improve the Artificial Intelligence. Google doesn’t want to fall behind this is why it is investing billions of dollars in Google Gemini. Google understands the future of AI is very bright if Google captures the market of AI it will again rule the world for the next generation too. But in the past few years, openAI’s chat GPT 4 and ChatGPT 5 have been ruling. In the past conference, Google officials claimed that Google Gemini would be far more advanced than the ChatGPT.

Right now we cannot decide which is better the future will tell us which AI is better and who wins the race of AI.

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