Why Bigg Boss is so famous?: Bigg Boss 17

why bigg boss is famous

In today’s Bhartiye Times article, we will discuss, why Bigg Boss is so famous, What is wild card entry in Bigg Boss is, and How the Bigg Boss winner is decided. To know the whole information read the article below. 

Why Bigg Boss is so famous?

Bigg Boss is so famous Because it is a reality show in which famous contestants are put together inside a house, like in BiggBoss 17 there are some famous contestants, Ankita Lokhande You tuber Munawar Faruqui, Sana Raees Khan etc. 

None of the contestants in this house know each other except some, But they still come in the show because Bigg Boss is so famous and because of its popularity contestants will also get fame like “ASIM Riaz” got so famous after coming into Bigg Boss.  

The format of this show is completely different from the format of any other show. In the Bigg Boss show, no contestant needs any unique talent.  In this show, contestants have to fight with each other and entertain the public. 

Detailed Analysis of Bigg Boss show in hind with English subtitle

The winners of the Bigg Boss show are those who are seen more on camera because in the Bigg Boss show, people vote for those who are seen more and those who have more votes are declared the winners of the Bigg Boss show.  This show comes every year on Colors channel and this show continues for about 6 months. 

In between, new contestants keep coming in the name of wild card entry in Bigg Boss 17 “Samarth Jurel” entered a house as a wild card entry, and let us tell you that every week contestants keep getting eliminated.  

In the Bigg Boss show, to entertain the public, Bigg Boss makes the contestants do different tasks, which the public also enjoys.  This show is made for those people who stay at home and enjoy watching others fight.  In this show, all the contestants keep fighting with someone or the other, and the public keeps enjoying seeing them fighting. 

What is a wild card entry in Bigg Boss? 

Wild card entry is mostly used in Sports, Businesses and reality shows like Bigg Boss. Wild card entry word is used for those who initially are not involved in the process of main selection but later on, based on some criteria or circumstances contestants enter in an ongoing competition like in Bigg Boss ott “Elvish Yadav” entered as the wild card and in Bigg Boss 17 “Samarth Jurel”. 

In Simple words when a contestant enters in the middle of the show or in an ongoing show is called a Wild Card Entry. 

How Bigg Boss Winner is decided? 

Every week contestants get eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. This process continues till the last week of the show and the last few contestants standing in the show are voted on by the fans via SMS, or on the Voot app the contestant that gets the highest vote, is declared as the winner. 

In simple words contestant that gets the highest number of votes from fans is declared as the winner. 

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