Why Omegle is Shut Down: Breaking news Omegle shut down in 2023

Why Omegle is Shut down

Why Omegle is Shut down….Omegle, who uses social media must know about Omegle. Omegle was a platform where people used to chat or used to have a video chat. Omegle was started in 2009 and makers of Omegle discontinued its operations in 2023. In this news article of Bhartiye Time, we will tell you why Omegle is Shut Down.

Omegle was a USA-based website it was started in 2009 and shut down in 2023 or we can say the founder of Omegle discontinued its operations in 2023

In India, many Youtubers used to make some earnings via Omegle. Omegle was their only source of income. They used to make videos with unknown people and the YouTubers used to upload those videos on YouTube to make money through YouTube views.

Let’s know why Omegle is Shut Down

One of the main reasons to shut an Omegle is the misuse of this website. People unnecessarily, without any permission used to record a video of an unknown person, and then used to upload them on social media to get views and this is why Omegle is Shut down.

Founder of Omegle “Leif K Brook” said that they were at a huge loss due to Omegle and they and their team cannot continue operating Omegle due to huge loss. He further, added that they were at a loss for the past few years in the hope that they would recover in the future. But they even got in deep trouble due to loss and eventually, Leif K brook and their team had to shut their website.

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