Why TikTok Banned in Nepal: Nepal banned Tik Tok in 2023 to protect social harmony

Why TikTok Banned in Nepal

Why TikTok Banned in Nepal

Why TikTok banned in Nepal: TikTok is a widely popular app around the world on Monday in a cabinet meeting Nepal government announced to ban of TikTok as it was creating negative effects on social harmony. The Nepal government tightened all the social media platforms and banned TikTok.

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today in news article of Bhartiye Times, we will inform you that why Tik Tok banned in Nepal. Please continue reading below!

The TikTok became famous during the lockdown period. All over the Tik Tok famous and is one of the fastest apps to cross 3 billion downloads. In Nepal, almost 2.2 million were active users.

In 2020 India banned TikTok because of the Indo-China territorial dispute. Now Nepal is following the lead of India and Bans TikTok in Nepal to protect social harmony.

In the past 4 years around 1,647 cybercrime cases were reported keeping in mind not to increase the cybercrime cases Nepal government decided to ban the Chinese-owned app TikTok.

Why TikTok banned in Nepal

On 13 November 2023 during a cabinet meeting Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma decided to ban TikTok. As per the new rule of Nepal, any social media platforms that are being operated in Nepal have to set up their offices in Nepal.

The Nepal government recently said that Social media companies will have to set up an office or appoint a focal person within 3 months of the enforcement of the directive. Social media companies also have to register under the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. If they do not obey government rules then they have to face shutdown.

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