Zomato Delivery Boy On Horse: A Frustrated delievery boy delieverd food by horse in 2024

Zomato Delivery Boy On Horse

Zomato Delivery Boy On Horse

Zomato Delivery Boy On Horse: As we all know from the past few days all the truck drivers are in protest to take back the law which was made by the government. Because of this protest, many fuel petrol pumps are empty and people are in long queues to get petrol and diesel.

The same situation was faced by a delivery boy from Zomato and in frustration, he delivered the food on Horse because his bike ran out of petrol and could not get petrol because of a protest by the truck drivers.

Zomato Delivery Boy On Horse: A video is going viral on the internet, it shows a delivery boy passing through a busy road on his horse with a Zomato bag on his back. A frustrated delivery boy delivered food by horse. Just because he couldn’t arrive late for his food delivery he chose another way to deliver a good.

One guy made his video and asked about this situation. He waved back and explained that he had been in the queue for a very long time but he couldn’t get petrol for his bike. He further explained in detail and said he was in the queue for more than 3 hours for petrol. He left the petrol pump after getting the order and delivered by horse.

Zomato Delivery Boy On Horse

This delivery boy showed love for his job and fulfilled the customer’s needs even in this kind of situation. Many food delivery companies promise to deliver food in under 10 minutes but fail to deliver.

Zomato has clearly instructed its employees not to ride their vehicles recklessly since they neither punish if delivery gets late nor reward if delivery gets earlier.

Truck drivers were in protest of the recent law made by the government. The government made a law for 10 years in jail for hit-and-run cases. The truck drivers did not like the law and went to the protest for a few days. However, the Government now agreed to talk to the drivers to improve the law for the next date.

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