What is a rave party for which elvish yadav has been arrested

What is a Rave Party

What is a Rave Party: Rave Parties are generally dance parties when fast-paced music and dance are done by the youths. Different kinds of lights are shown at rave parties. In today’s generation rave parties are mostly arranged by youths to fulfill their dreams of enjoyment. However, Rave Parties are banned in most of the countries like Italy. The important thing is not all rave parties are illegal but the illegal activities performed in the rave parties are illegal and banned in India.

Recently, a famous social media influencer and Bigg Boss OTT winner Elvish Yadav arrested by the Noida police for his involvement in a rave party and arranging a snake venom and foreign girls at the party. He has been in the news, related to the rave party since November 2023. Earlier Elvish denied all the allegations made against him, however after the arrest of Elvish, he confessed his involvement in a rave party and performing illegal activities.

On Sunday 17 March Elvish was arrested by the Noida police in connection with arranging a snake venom at the party held in Noida, he was also sent to 14 days of judicial trial.

Earlier in the case of snake venom and rave party, few people were arrested at that time Elvish was also accused however due to a lack of evidence he was not arrested but after the forensic report his presence was proved, and on 17 March arrested by the police. In one of his videos, he said, If my involvement gets proven then ‘ Mai Nanga Nachunga’.

After confession of arranging snake venom and rave party, he will be charged under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act. Several news agencies stated that getting bail on this case is quite difficult.

Elvish Yadav News:

Ever since Elvish Yadav won the Indian reality controversy Bigg Boss OTT season 2 he has been in the news for the different activities done by him. He was involved in supplying snake venom to the rave party, He was also seen slapping one of the guys in the restaurant, and his controversy with Dhruv Rathee every time comes to the news. The fam become a curse for Elvish, with some of the fans arguing he should take a few months’ break from social media and content creation.

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