The Dawood Ibrahim Criminal History

The Dawood Ibrahim Criminal History

The Dawood Ibrahim Criminal History: Dawood, India’s most wanted criminal, has a long history of orchestrating crimes that shook the nation. Efforts have been going on in India to punish Dawood for a long time.

The name of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is once again in discussion. There are reports of Dawood being poisoned during treatment in a hospital in Pakistan. It is being said that Dawood has died due to poisoning.

There are also reports of Dawood’s relatives being placed under house arrest. However, this has not been confirmed yet. Dawood’s name tops the list of India’s most wanted criminals. Which criminal incidents did Dawood commit in India? Why is Dawood named as the biggest gangster? In which cases has India been trying to bring Dawood to justice and punish him for more than three decades? Know the answers to all the questions

Why is Dawood in discussion now?

According to sources, Dawood was admitted to the hospital in critical condition on Friday. Dawood, admitted amid tight security, was the only patient on the entire floor. Apart from a few people from the hospital, only close family members could visit him. The news of him being poisoned during treatment has come to light. After reports of poisoning, Mumbai Police is trying to gather more information from Dawood’s family members Ali Shah Parkar and Sajid Wagle.

Ali is the son of Dawood’s sister Haseena Parkar. In January this year, he had told the NIA that after his second marriage, Dawood was living in the Pakistani city of Karachi. According to the National Investigation Agency (NIA), the control of Karachi Airport is with Dawood and people close to him.

The rumors of Dawood’s death have surfaced many time in past. In 2016, there were reports that dawood died due to Diabities. In 2017, Pakistan’s media claimed that Dawood died due to a heart attact. And In 2020, news media were reporting that he died due to coronavirus infection. Considering these past reports, we can’t be certain that the current viral news has any credibility. Until unambiguous, undeniable facts are presented, we can’t be sure of his diseas or death.

The Dawood Ibrahim Criminal History

How did Dawood enter the crime world?

How did Dawood enter the crime world

Dawood’s criminal journey began with the infamous 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts. India’s most wanted criminal Dawood and his brother Anees Ibrahim committed these blasts, seemingly motivated by revenge for the 1992 riots. Hundreds of people lost their lives in these riots that took place 31 years ago. Over the years, Dawood cultivated ties with terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Taiba, solidifying his position as one of India’s most wanted criminals.

How big a role in Mumbai serial blasts?

How big a role in Mumbai serial blasts

Dawood, who shook the country’s financial capital with serial bomb blasts 30 years ago, is the main accused in this case. 257 people were killed in the blasts at 12 places, while more than 700 people were injured. It is alleged that he planned the blasts and carried out the blasts with the help of associates of Pakistani terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Supply of explosives and weapons: Dawood also had a hand in training the infiltrators. Dawood had targeted Bombay Stock Exchange, Air India Building and Shiv Sena Headquarters. In 1993, Dawood smuggled RDX and weapons into India on a large scale. It was with their help that serial blasts took place in Mumbai. These weapons were also used in other terrorist attacks.

Dawood Ibrahim absconds from India

Dawood reached Pakistan from Dubai

Dawood Ibrahim been living in Pakistan

Dawood’s escape from India following the 1993 bombings led to his refuge in Dubai. A few days later, there were reports of him taking refuge in Pakistan. According to reports, in Pakistan, Dawood has the protection of the country’s intelligence agency – ISI. Despite India’s persistent efforts to extradite Dawood, Pakistan consistently denied his presence within its borders.

Dawood Ibrahim Living a seemingly luxurious life in Pakistan

According to a report, in 2001, Pakistani journalist Ghulam Hasnain wrote a report on Dawood Ibrahim. In this, Dawood was described as a godfather. It also mentions the life of Dawood’s wife, four daughters and son living in Pakistan.

According to this, the luxurious house of Dawood, who lived a royal life, is spread over approximately 6,000 square yards. It also has a private high-tech gym, pool, snooker room, and tennis court. Dawood’s lavish lifestyle, including his fondness for designer clothes and extravagant spending on actresses and prostitutes, contrasted sharply with the bloodshed he orchestrated.

How long has Dawood Ibrahim been living in Pakistan?

Efforts have been going on for a long time to prosecute Dawood Ibrahim in the special court of Mumbai and get him punished. According to Indian officials, Ibrahim, aged 68-69 in 2023, has been living in Pakistan for more than 15 years. Before this, Dawood had been based in many other countries including Dubai.

Dawood Ibrahim’s Criminal Legacy: A Saga of Terrorism, Murder, and International Allegations”

For which crimes is he wanted in India?

Inidan court's Accusations on Dawood Ibrahim,

Dawood Ibrahim, who has committed countless criminal and terrorist incidents, is the mastermind of the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai in 1993. Dawood is also suspected to be involved in the 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai. In 2010, Dawood targeted Pune, another city in Maharashtra. Dawood is also an accused in the Pune German Bakery blast. After three years, Dawood also targeted cricket. Dawood was also accused in the IPL spot-fixing scandal in 2013. Apart from this, serious allegations have been made against Dawood in international drug trafficking, fake currency and arms smuggling.

Murder of politicians and businessmen

The long list of crimes attributed to Dawood extends beyond the well-known cases, encompassing charges of murder, extortion, kidnapping and trafficking. In 2011, journalist Jyotirmoy Dey was murdered allegedly by Dawood Ibrahim’s operatives. Thanks to the courageous work of this journalist, Dawood’s black letter was revealed to everyone. In 1997, music legend Gulshan Kumar was also murdered allegedly by Dawood Ibrahim’s goons. Dawood’s henchmen brutally murdered the T-Series owner after he refused to pay the extortion money. Dawood’s gang is believed to be involved in the kidnapping and murder of shoe businessman Parikshit Thakkar in 2000.


As Dawood Ibrahim, now aged 68-69, reportedly battles critical health conditions, India’s quest for justice persists. Efforts to prosecute him in Mumbai’s special court and hold him accountable for the bloodshed of hundreds of innocent lives continue, marking a three-decade-long pursuit for closure and retribution.

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